Some people might argue the strict necessity of flying a plane, diving out with a small parachute, precision-landing on a Onewheel and driving into the sunset without any loss of momentum. And I bet those same people have a long string of unresolved crushes and unfulfilled dreams that will haunt their dying moments, the big losers.

No such issue for Reddit user jnhhhh, however, who recently released a video of himself trying and marginally failing to swoop down from the heavens and land feet-first on a ready Onewheel. The thing is, jnhhhh released a video two months ago of another failed attempt, suggesting he’s been trying on a regular basis to pull off this spectacular stunt. Still, he doesn’t appear to be fazed, as mentioned in a comment beneath the video.

‘I get a couple jumps each time I’m at the drop zone. That was my best “attempt” from Sunday. Can’t wait for the weekend. I think I got it next time. 👍’

He also mentioned that his buddies are trying the same stunt, so it seems as though there might be a whole team of maniacs working on pulling off this spectacular trick. Obviously we can’t advocate or recommend any of you out there actually try this particular stunt, but if jnhhhh or one of his friends does pull it off (and survive the process), it’ll be a hell of an accomplishment.