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The Fiido T1 can withstand a massive weight of 200kg thanks to it's innovative weight distribution design, allowing the seat to carry up to 120kg, with additional capacity of 80kf on the rear rack.

The T1 is dedicated to keeping you as safe as possible, with a display bright enough to be easily visible even in direct sunlight, as well as 20”*4.0 all-terrain fat tyres that ensure that even the most daunting of trails are easily traversable.

In short, the Fiido T1 Pro is a multi-purpose ebike that can take the place of a vehicle.

*This eBike has a motor output exceeding 250w and speed assistance exceeding 15.5mph. This eBike cannot be used on UK public roads **See below for more info.


Long RangeSuspension

Buy the Fiido T1 Pro Utility Electric Bike

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The Fiido T1 Pro at a glance

if nothing else, know these four things!

The ideal rider is...

Anyone between 155cm-200cm and less than 120kg.

The T1 Pro is ideal for...

Hauling up to 80kg of load around! The fat tyres and suspension ensure comfort not only on the road, but also on light off-road trails.

Speed and power

The Fiido T1 Pro has a max speed of 28mph and a max power output of 750W (1130W at peak), which is above the legal limit on public roads and footpaths in the UK.

Maintaining the Fiido T1 Pro

Like any bike with a chain, regular servicing will always keep the T1 Pro serving you the best it can.

Buy the Fiido T1 Pro Utility Electric Bike

Click the button below to buy the Fiido T1 Pro Utility Electric Bike directly from our trusted partners at Fiido!

The Electroheads top three features of the Fiido T1 Pro

These are what we love!
80kg load capacity

80kg load capacity

The T1 Pro can haul whatever you need it to... including a friend!
Great suspension

Great suspension

Together with the fat tyres, the suspension makes for an amazingly comfortable ride across all terrains. It has a lockout, too.
Shimano 7 speed

Shimano 7 speed

The T1 Pro feels brisk and nimble with the help of the Shimano 7 speed derailleur.

About the brand: Fiido

Fiido is more than an E-mobility brand – it's a passion-driven team founded in 2017 that refuses to settle for mediocrity. With over 200 members from diverse backgrounds, including China, the US, and France, Fiido thrives on playing with wild ideas while maintaining expertise in design and technology. Their commitment to innovation is evidenced by a professional R&D team, exclusive technology patents, and a rigorous testing lab. Boasting 350,000+ satisfied users, Fiido goes beyond providing E-bikes and E-scooters; it offers a full-service support system from industry experts and a dedicated after-sales team. Constantly evolving communication channels, including Facebook groups and co-design communities, showcase Fiido's dedication to creating value for its users.

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