HindSight Morpheus Glasses - LAST FEW REMAINING, HUGE 50% OFF


Designed to both look cool and improve safety on your journeys, the Artemis range from HindSight features patented lens technology to allow you to see what's behind while riding your e-bike.

The transparency level ensures a non-obstructed view, whilst the lens design supports both a wider field of vision and rear-view technology. 

The HindSight Morpheus is available in a variety of styles and lens colours. There's also the Artemis range if you're looking for something a little different. 

"I was sceptical at first, but the moment I put on these HindSight Morpheus glasses and started to ride, it really did feel like a superpower.

"I've been using them constantly since on my journeys to and from work – and they've absolutely become an essential part of my commute, giving me added awareness and a sense of increased peripheral vision when something is coming towards me.

"Now, when I ride without them, I do feel the difference, as that natural instinct to look in the rear mirror isn't there.

"I live and cycle in London, so safety on the roads is extremely important to me. I have been hit by a bus from behind in the past and had been on the lookout for something like this. These HindSight glasses provide a nice alternative to wing mirrors.

"In short: they look cool and give me added vision. What's not to like?!

"Just one thing to note... When it comes to trying the glasses, our advice is to do so outdoors. We tried to test them indoors and it wasn't the same due to the lack of light – they're very much a product you have to use and get used to in that respect."

– Eilis, Electroheads Lead Presenter

Lens: 51mm
Nose Bridge: 20mm
Temple to Temple: 148mm