Litelok Core Plus (Orange 75cm)


The ideal lock for securing electric bikes. It has maximum security (the independent Sold Secure testing organisation awarded this its highest Bicycle Diamond rating.)

This 75cm version is wearable for those with waists from 28"(70cm) - 41"(106cm). And for such a secure lock, it's not heavy. This is the shorter version of the 100cm bike lock (also sold on this site), which is what we recommend for chunkier ebikes...

This Diamond-rated lock is very secure - we're talking thieves needing angle grinders to defeat it.
Choosing between this and the 100cm version is a toss up. This shorter 75cm version is wearable by anyone with a waist under 41inches and lighter. If your ebike is chunky, I'd go for the 100cm version (also available on the electroheads store) to make it easier to attach to larger street furniture.

Length: 75cm
Weight: 1.9kg (4.1lb)
Material: High-tensile steel core, steel exoskeleton protection with a plant based biopolymer. Outer abrasion sleeve.
Wearable waist size: 42"(108cm) - 54"(136cm).