Everything we do at Electroheads is about impact – we want to help change the world for the better, and accelerate the adoption of sustainable, electric travel.

So when we received an email from YouTube last week, telling us we’d been handpicked as a Creator on the Rise, it felt like vindication that we’re not just making noise, but making the right noise.

Only 75 creators (at the time of writing) have ever been given this accolade by YouTube in the UK, so very little is known or understood about it.

But it’s YouTube’s way of shining a spotlight on creators it believes are going to grow rapidly, and making content that the media giant believes in.

Here’s how it went down…

An email from YouTube that says "spread the word! you're trending", as part of its Creator on the Rise programme.

We received an email from YouTube, which was the first we’d heard about it. This email had a link to the YouTube Explore tab, where we were featured.

In 24 hours, our videos were served into the feeds of 2m people in the UK, which was a cool glimpse into how many people check their YouTube explore feed on a daily basis in the UK.

Data from year one of the Creator on the Rise programme suggests that, on average, creators get 5x subscriber growth in the year following their selection for the programme.

Regardless of what happens next, we’re incredibly excited to be chosen for the programme, after only a year of posting content on our channel.

It’s a vindication of the impact we’ve made in a short space of time. If your brand is interested in making waves in the electromobility space, contact us for partnership opportunities.