Best electric bikes sold in the EU in late 2023

E-Bike Test und Vergleich 2024: Die besten Elektrofahrräder in Deutschland

01 de September, 2023Richard Beech

From the hundreds of ebikes and escooters our testers have ridden, these are the best electric bikes we recommend in 2023 that you can buy in the EU: France, Germany, Italy and Holland. (If you’re in the UK see our best electric bikes UK guide).

Each has been assessed and rated for: build quality, safety and security, handling and performance, and comfort and practicality.

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Best ebikes under £1,400 euros

Best ebikes over £1,400 euros

Estarli e20.7

Estarli e20.7 electric bicycle

The Estarli e20 is a perfect entry-level folding ebike, Our reviewer's summary: "I love this bike". We think it has a lot to offer for the price bracket it’s in (around the €1,500 mark). We found it light and comfy to ride. Many folding bikes come with small 16 inch wheels, but the larger 20 inch wheels on the Estarli e20 ebike mean you get power, comfort and good handling. Not only that it looks great, with the battery cleverly hidden in the seat post. 

The thick tread tyres also help to provide a comfortable ride.

It folds into a relatively compact form, good for keeping under your desk at work, or for keeping in a large cupboard at home. One slight drawback is the battery range - which is 31 miles (this is because the battery is fairly small in order to keep the weight of the bike down). But this is only a minor quibble - the e20 is a great, good value bike and is the one to beat in our tests. 

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ADO Air 20

ADO Air 20 electric bibycle

This lightweight ebike has 20-inch wheels for a touch more stability (than smaller folding bikes with 16 inch wheels) and is matched with a single speed, carbon belt drive system for minimal maintenance. It’s quick, nimble and weighs in at just 18kg.

You can get a version of the ADO Air 20 with front suspension for an extra €50 or so. This has a carbon belt drive, is very easy to maintain, has hydraulic brakes as standard, and is very comfortable and smooth to ride. It’s a 5 out of 5 across all criteria. It’s an excellent bike - which is why it’s our best seller

This isn’t just made for folding and carrying - we were REALLY impressed with the ride quality. It gets you up to 25km/h incredibly quickly and maintains the assist level so you don’t need to work hard if you don’t want to. It’s also got a torque sensor so you can apply more or less power through the pedals as you need.

We found it easy to squeeze through tight gaps – like standstill traffic – thanks to the smaller width handlebars, so you can say goodbye to traffic.

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ADO Beast 20f

ADO Beast 20f electric bicycle

With five different power modes to choose from, you can have as little or as much support to get you from A to B. In mode 5, the Beast lives up to its name, accelerating quickly to 25km/h. The motor feels responsive, with almost no lag throughout the gears and the Shimano 7-speed shifts smoothly up and down. When test riding the bike the motor and battery feel high quality, everything is responsive and fast, and all the components work well together.

You feel the pulling power of the impressive 65 N.m of torque, but never does it feel uncomfortably fast, or uncontrollable, balance is at the heart of the Beast it can be as powerful or subtle, as you want it to be.

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Engwe EP-2 Pro

Engwe EP-2 Pro electric bicycle

The Engwe EP-2 Pro offers a great combination of power and comfort, and can tackle tough terrain with ease thanks to the travel on the front suspension. For the price, the EP-2 Pro is incredible value considering the components included in the overall package.

Not only does the EP-2 have a high top speed of 28mph, but it gets there quickly, with smooth acceleration and chunky fat tyres.

This bike is an absolute joy to ride, and for the price point, you really can't go wrong. With a powerful 750w motor, it’s worth noting that it isn’t compliant with EU law, and can only be ridden on private land.

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Engwe Engine Pro

Engwe Engine Pro electric bicycle

You'll feel serious power and performance with the Engwe Engine Pro. In our tests, this full suspension foldable bike proved to be one of the most comfortable ebikes we’ve ever ridden.

Components include a 16Ah battery, 8-speed gears, cruise control and thumb throttle, making it a true cruiser bike - especially given its battery range of nearly 100km.

The Engwe Engine Pro is a great electric bike for a heavier rider, as it’s able to withstand a maximum weight of 200kg. In our testing, we loaded the bike up with cargo and it was still able to accelerate quickly.

For the price, the Engine Pro is great value for money. 

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Engwe M20

Engwe M20 electric bicycle

It’s hard to find a cooler electric bike than the Engwe M20 - a fat tyre cruiser bike with a big attitude.

The M20 is available in a single battery model or a dual battery model. In our testing, the single battery model offered around 30 miles of range, while the dual battery model offered 60 miles of range.

The low ride height of the bike creates more of a motorbike experience than a bicycle experience, and the top speed of 28mph feels very fast when you’re on the bike.

Acceleration on the M20 is smooth. As a relaxed cruiser bike, the M20 isn’t designed for the fastest acceleration, though with 55N.m of torque from the 750W motor it is certainly fast enough for most riders.

There are bikes with a similar spec and design to the Engwe M20 that cost over €2,000 - making this electric cruiser bike an absolute bargain.

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Cuca Bike - Smart Electric Bike

Cuca Bike - Smart Electric Bike

The Cuca Smart Electric Bike is a moped you can ride without a licence. 

With a top speed of 25kmh, the Cuca is compliant with EU regulations and is there classified as an ebike, not a moped.

This makes it an ideal, low-cost city bike. But with a range of over 100km, it’s not just limited to the city.

The Cuca has front and rear suspension as well as front and rear disc brakes, making it a very capable bike for a range of surfaces and terrains.

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Cuca Bike - All Roads electric bike

Cuca Bike - All Roads electric bike

Is this the coolest electric bike available in Europe? It just possibly might be.

The Cuca All Roads electric bike is a cruiser bike with an astonishing 160km of range - enough to cruise from Marseille to Saint Tropez. 

This is a bike designed for sunshine and good times, and we can safely say it’s a relaxing and comfortable bike to ride - thanks to both a rear damper and front forks with 120mm of travel. 

With a top speed of 25kmh it’s fully compliant with EU ebike regulation. The Cuca cruiser bike is an absolute dream to ride, and it got a lot of attention from people in our test rides - getting a lot of compliments from strangers.

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How we test

Our expert testers ride all the electric bikes we review, and we assess them against a range of criteria on road, off-road and in our testing rooms. We check the components' quality and ride the bikes on a range of different terrains and distances. We've ridden hundreds of bikes in total (and an equal number of electric scooters). 

For more commuter bikes, see our full list of best electric folding bikes plus all the adult electric bikes we sell. If you want off-road, see our guide to the best electric mountain bikes, plus all the mountain ebikes we sell.