Flow Camden Air Electric Scooter


Usage of e-scooters is not legal on public roads, sidewalks or footpaths in the UK 🇬🇧 For more information, please click here.

The Flow Camden Air is an entry level electric scooter that matches its competitors for spec but beats most of them on price.

Flow are a UK-based company and named their scooter after the vibrant Camden area of London.

In our testing, this scooter stood up against models such as the Riley RS1, E-Dash LE1, Pure Air and Xiaomi Mi.

The only real compromise with the Flow Camden Air is on range, with a real-world range of around 12 miles before needing to be recharged. Though this is still plenty for most people.

The Flow Camden Air is a powerful yet lightweight e-scooter at only 12kg, with a 350W motor and peak output of 540W.

A combination of mechanical braking on the rear and an e-brake on the front product a quick-stopping power.

Front and rear lights are also included, that flash when the brakes are pulled. The Camden also folds in half for easy storage and carrying. 

The Flow Electric Scooter App also enables you to easily check the status and change scooter settings from your phone.

Switch units from km to miles, turn cruise control on/off, switch between riding modes, turn lights on/off, turn lock on/off, monitor battery level and more.

The Flow Camden Air is a scooter that balances performance with portability. With a maximum power output of 540w and a weight of 12kg, this is a powerful scooter that gets up to top speed quickly, particularly in sport mode (the fastest of the scooter's three speed modes).

Electroheads are happy to see that with this power, Flow have not forgotten the importance of strong mechanical brakes. This inspires confidence in riders of all ability to stop quickly when needed.

The Camden Air also incorporates lights front and rear to keep you seen, with software that flashes the rear light under braking; these extra steps that Flow have taken make this an exceptional scooter for the price.

-Josh Lyons, Electroheads Scooter Reviewer


∙Speed: Up To 25km/h (15.5 mph)
∙Speed modes: Three - Eco, Drive and Sport
∙Range: Up To 18km-20km (12.4 miles)
∙LCD Display: Speed, Battery
∙Motor: 350W (540W max power)
∙Tyres: 8.5" Pneumatic
∙Battery: 6Ah
∙Charge Time: 240 mins
∙Easy & Secure Bar Folding / Locking Mechanism
∙Brakes: Disc Brake (Rear) / e-Brake (Front)
∙Fold Down Kick Stand
∙Water Resistance: IP54 (can withstand water splashes)
∙Front LED Lights
∙Brake Light
∙Rear Side Lights
∙Bell On Handle Bar
∙Maximum Load: 120kg
Folded: 1080 x 440 x 500mm (L x W x H)
Unfolded: 1080 x 440 x 1100mm (L x W x H)
∙Product Weight: 12kg
∙Extras: Free app to track your scooter