Wisper Traditional 705 24" Step-Through


Wisper offers their 705 in a smaller size with 24" wheels, which is specifically designed for those smaller riders. The step-through design and smaller wheels make it easy to mount and dismount the bike. 

You still retain many of the good features of the larger bike, with hydraulic brakes and 250w motor with up to 700Wh of battery capacity if you so choose, just without the front suspension. 

Technical Specification:

•Wisper High efficiency, 250W hi torque brushless motor

Lithium Battery
•Medium range 375Wh MAX range 50 miles (80km)
•Long range 575Wh MAX range 75 miles (120km)
•Mega range 700W MAX range 90 miles (140km)

Please note the 24″ model does not have suspension forks.
•Full Throttle Range
•Using your Wisper bike on throttle only will reduce your
range by up to 30% and the TTP will not help increase range
whilst you are using the throttle only. If your bike has been
upgraded so it works on the throttle only, we still suggest
pedalling when you are able to do so. Use the throttle only
function when you need to rest or to help you pull away
when setting off.

•Wisper Back lit LCD display
Bicycle weight
•375Wh: 22kg
•575Wh: 23kg
•700Wh: 23.5kg

•Hand welded, 6061 Alloy T4 and T6 tempered
Frame size
•Small 14.5″ 36.5cm Sizing and Dimensions

•Electric Blue or Burgundy
•Lightweight alloy Wisper blade forks

•Wisper comfort
•Kick stand
•Black anodised alloy

•SHIMANO 7 speed derailleur with 7 speed selector

•Hydraulic 180mm disc brake front and 160mm rear
•Alloy double walled 24” x 1.5”

•Kenda 24” 1.95 high puncture resistance with wall reflector

•Black Full length, shatterproof

•Front: 15W LED super bright
•Rear: 36V light, power from bike battery
•Rear Rack
•Wisper’s unique rear battery rack, certified to 25kg
•Max Weight Loading Including Luggage
21 Stone / 135kg