8TEV B10 Proxi Electric Scooter


Usage of e-scooters is not legal on public roads, sidewalks or footpaths in the UK 🇬🇧 For more information, please click here.

The B10 Proxi is the smaller-wheeled, shorter-range model of the 8tev range but don't let that put you off as it's still ahead of a lot of the competition in the e-scooter market. It's light and nimble and a great introductory scooter with 500W of peak motor output.

By Richard Beech (electric scooter reviews expert):
If you're looking for a daily rider that won't let you down, then the 8TEV B10 Proxi is well worth every penny.

The B10 Proxi Electric Scooter has more durability and presence than your average urban scooter. Made from aircraft grade steel, and packing 250W of power, the B10 is designed with longevity and comfort in mind.

This is evidenced in its 7 Ply maple platform with a reinforced carbon top layer that reduces resonance and keeps road vibrations to a minimum - creating a smooth and comfortable ride.

Unlike many e-scooters on the market, the maple platform is wide enough that you can comfortably stand on the scooter with both feet side by side, giving you the option of facing forward, rather than having to take up a sideways "skateboarding stance".

The B10 stands out from the competition, and that’s before you pick one of the five colour options.

Most importantly, its IPX6 water resistance rating means it can resist high pressure, heavy sprays of water (i.e. it can stand up to bad weather).

Power and performance
• Range - 22km
• Motor - Aikema SW 100 250W peak 700 - 500 W (Avg)
• Charge time - 6 hours
• battery - 48V/ 7.6Ah
• Top speed - 34.9kmh

• Tyres - 10”
• Water resistance - IPX6, can resist high pressure, heavy sprays of water.
• Speed modes - 3 gears
• Brakes - Mechanical
• Weight - 15kg
• Tyre pressure - 38psi
• Maximum load - 100kg

• Lights: Front/rear LED
• Bell/horn - Yes


Water ResistantLightweightLong Range