Beameo Classic Electric Road Bike


The Beameo Classic e-bike is the epitome of style and performance - a modern electric bike in a classic package. 

This is an ideal ride for somebody looking for a city commuting bike - and will even serve riders in hilly areas well due to its 7-speed Shimano gear set and 250w electric power assist.

With a solid electric power range of 30 - 60km, and grippy Kenda hybrid tyres for all conditions, it can also act as a bike for weekend adventures.

Featuring flat bars and 700c wheels, the Beameo Classic provides a comfortable riding position while remaining sporty. 

If you're the type of rider who likes to sit in an upright position while riding, then this perhaps is not the bike for you - as the handlebar height encourages the rider to lean forward slightly like you might on a classic road bike. 

You can see the riding position by scrolling through the photos for the bike - where you'll see Louis, who is 6'0" tall, demonstrating the Beameo Classic in action.

Interested in the the Beameo Classic? Check out our comprehensive video review:

The Beameo Classic is a good-looking bike that's built for whizzing around the city. It's ideal for those wanting to get somewhere quickly, whilst not sacrificing style.

In our testing, the bike coped brilliantly with riders weighing from 60kg to up above 100kg. Even with riders weighing over 100kg the Beameo Classic is very quick off the line when in the top speed mode (speed mode 5).

A bike that can accelerate quickly also needs to be able to stop quickly, and the Classic features responsive Tektro mechanical disc brakes that coped well with emergency stops and downhill rides in our testing.

With its 7-speed gear system, the Beameo Classic is a decent option for riders living in hilly areas. Simply put the bike into a low gear and into a high speed mode, and it will happily push you up steep hills. Though do bear in mind that the bike's range of 30-40 miles will likely be more around 20 miles per charge if you live in a hilly area.

In our testing, in the medium speed mode (speed mode 3), the bike was capable of 25-30 miles of range.

-Joshua Lyons, Electroheads Reviewer

∙Maximum speed: 25Km/h
∙Maximum distance: 30-60km
∙Motor power: 48V 250W, Rear drive motor
∙Charging time: 4 hours
∙Charger: 48V 2A
∙Battery type/capacity: 48v 7.8AH
∙Removable battery: Yes

∙Frame: Aluminium 6061
∙Frame height: 22 inches
∙Suspension: No
∙Wheel size: Kenda, K198, 700*38C
∙Weight: 24kg
∙Foldable: No
∙Maximum load: 120kg
∙Gears: Shimano, 7 Speed
∙Brakes: Tektro MD-M300-F Mechanical
∙Brake Lever: Promax
∙Display: KEYDISP
∙Kickstand: Comes fitted

∙5ft 7' - 6ft 5'

Smiles for miles

With a 30mile range and 7 gears, the Beameo classic is made for the city and the country alike.

A removable battery means you can lock up the bike outside and charge the battery indoors when you get to your destination.

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