Estarli e20.7 Vélo Électrique Pliable Confort


L'Estarli e20.7 est un vélo électrique pliable et léger qui peut être utilisé aussi bien pour les trajets quotidiens que pour les aventures du week-end. Le modèle Pro est équipé d'un protège-pneu et d'un porte-bagages.

Il est destiné aux personnes qui veulent bénéficier de la plus grande souplesse possible pour leurs déplacements : pour se rendre au travail, pour se maintenir en forme, pour aller dans la voiture ou dans le train, pour se promener en famille le week-end.

Ce vélo est réellement le vélo électrique qui vous accompagnera partout, et l'avantage est qu'il se plie dans une forme compacte qui vous permet de le ranger dans un placard ou une armoire.


LégerFabriqué au Royaume-Uni

The Estarli e20.7: Read the review

Check out our full review of the Estarli e20.7, with our Ride and Review star ratings and further detail on the important features.
Spoiler alert, we gave the e20.7 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐!

The Estarli e20.7 at a glance

If nothing else, know these four things!

The ideal rider is...

Absolutely anyone! The Estarli e20.7 is the perfect allrounder for all men and women. Novices and experts alike can jump onto the e20.7 with confidence in every ride!

The Estarli e20.7 is ideal for...

Commuting and leisure rides on the road. The e20.7 is perfect for comfortably eating up the miles on the road. When folded, it's easily compact enough to put into the back of the car or camper van, too!

Speed and Power

With a top speed of 15.5mph and a peak power output of 250W, the e20.7 is totally legal on public roads and footpaths in the UK. You can read more info in our handy FAQs below.

Maintaining the e20.7

Just like any geared bike with a chain, the e20.7 will serve you best with regular servicing. At the very least, keep the chain greased!

The Electroheads top three features of the Estarli e20.7

These are our three favourite things
Saddle battery

Saddle battery

The e20's battery is neatly hidden away in the seat post, meaning you can take the whole battery out of the bike for charging – saving you the hassle of bringing your bike indoors.
Clear display

Clear display

The large screen and easy to read display allows you to toggle your pedal assist mode, track all your ride stats, monitor your remaining range and activate the integrated front light. Easy!
Seven gears

Seven gears

The e20 sees hills approaching and laughs, the seven-speed Shimano gear set in combination with the 250W motor helps tackle even the most hilly terrain without breaking a sweat.

About the brand: Estarli

Founded by two brothers, Estarli produces some of our favourite e-bikes. Proudly built to order in Berkhamstead, UK, Estarli produce high quality e-bikes at an affordable price.

Maybe the Estarli e20.7 isn't for you?

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