Esports Insider (ESI), probably gaming’s biggest B2B esports event company, has partnered with the Esports Awards to bring you Esports Assemble, a four day digital event conference that promises esports networking, content, guest speakers, panels, and the Esports Awards itself. Have we said the word esports enough yet?

The event is scheduled November 18th-21st, and is split into three sections, described by ESI themselves thusly:

ESI Digital Winter: November 18-19th: The ultimate B2B industry showcase including unrivalled networking, content, and speakers from the biggest brands in-and-around esports. 

Esports Awards Expo: November 20th-21s: Intimate panels and top-class networking with some of the most prestigious and forward-thinking tastemakers in the esports industry, including one-to-one curated networking opportunities and group discussion to connect and guide the esports landscapes of the future.

Esports Awards: November 21st: The Oscars of esports which honour those who have excelled, inspired, and made their mark on the esports industry. The Esports Awards is the only dedicated esports award show to reach every corner of the industry.

Despite the difficult time faced by events companies in 2020, this won’t be the first online event ESI have hosted, with ESI Digital Summer and ESI Digital Summit earlier this year, though they state that Digital Winter will be “the crowning jewel of the ESI calendar,” with over 600 attendees and 75 speakers present.

The Esports Awards itself has been around for five years now, and uses public voting to choose its winners, voting on the most popular streamers, games, journalistic publications and hardware, among many others. Voting for the awards is already underway, and ESI claim that over 2.5 million votes have already been cast.

Frankly, it’s been an odd time for esports, as despite being based on an activity playable from home, there’s still a huge amount of money invested in live events and games, which has struggled like any other spectator activity in 2020. However, esports has been a lot more successful in transitioning to an online space than football or baseball, as demonstrated by events like ESI Digital itself. The challenge now faced by the esports industry – which no doubt will be a hot topic at Esports Assemble – is trying to work out how to translate that online presence into the maximum amount of profit. After all, nothing makes games more fun than turning them into a monetised business.

Tickets for Esports Assemble are available here, with prices starting at £75.00.