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Venturing into the enchanting world of electric bikes might feel like stepping into a sci-fi adventure, where motors, batteries, and tech jargon swirl like a captivating magic show. But fear not! Our lively YouTube channel, dedicated to all things e-mobility, helps us demystify these electrifying wonders. We're your knowledgeable companions here to answer questions like "What's an electric bike?" and "How do they work?" We'll unravel the tech wizardry and equip you with the know-how to confidently saddle up and find your ideal electric bike. So, ride with savvy and prepare to be spellbound by the perfect e-bike for you! 🚴✨🎩

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What is an electric bike (or "e-bike")?

Picture an electric bike as the "cool kid" of the cycling world. It's your trusty two-wheeled companion with an electrifying twist, ready to whisk you away effortlessly. With a dash of eco-futurism and a sprinkle of convenience, it's the pedal-powered revolution you didn't know you needed. Get ready to cruise the streets with style, power, and a whole lot of fun! 🚴✨🔌

But also... electric bikes use a battery and motor to assist you while you pedal, with most models using a controller to adjust the level of assistance. You can read about the best 10 e-bikes in the UK right here.

The Frame

Much like their traditional bike siblings, e-bikes begin life with a base frame, sharing familiar features and functions. However, in the playful world of e-bikes, these frames receive a distinct makeover, carefully tailored to accommodate the battery and motor, ensuring an electrifying performance without compromising on style or efficiency. 🚴⚡✨

Some frames even fold. Read about the best folders on the market here.

The Motor

Your e-bike's motor is like the lively heart of your ride, offering a boost as you pedal. Just as cars have their engines, e-bike motors vary in power, weight, and efficiency. Amid the diverse options, you'll find two popular styles: the reliable mid-drive and the trusty hub-drive. 🚴🔋💨


So what's the difference?

Mid Drive Motors

Mid-drive motors take center stage on your bike, nestling themselves right in the heart of where you pedal. With a variety of power options to choose from, they bring a harmonious balance to your ride, maintaining a stable center of gravity and delivering a pedal-assist experience that's as smooth and natural as a dance move ...if that's your thing! 🚴💃💥

Hub Drive Motors

Hub-drive motors are tucked away inside the rear wheel hub, hanging out near the bike's back gears. These friendly folks are not only budget-friendly but also feather-light compared to their mid-drive cousins. So, when it's time to hit the road, you can just hop on and roll without breaking the bank. 🚴🌟💰

Are These Legal?

On public roads and footpaths in the UK, the legal limit for e-bike motor power output and speed is 250W and 15.5mph respectively.

The Battery

Each e-bike motor relies on a battery for its power source. Nevertheless, batteries exhibit significant diversity in their dimensions, configuration, placement, and wattage.

The watt-hour capacity of a battery plays a pivotal role in determining the speed and range of your assisted rides.

Controllers and Displays

Your e-bike's controller is the hub of control, with buttons to power up, tweak modes, and navigate your display. Displays, like your bike's dashboard, usually show battery and mode info, with extras like speedometers, ride stats, and even smartphone integration. 🚴📱🎉

Let's Talk E-Bike Jargon

What's torque, and who is 250W!?

Torque, the magical twist that sets your electric bike in motion, comes in different sizes – like turbo boosts for your ride. More torque means bigger bursts of power for swift takeoffs, while less torque offers a gentler nudge. We measure this oomph in Newton meters (Nm), but it's not just about maxing out. High-torque bikes ace the hill climbs and zoom off the line, but might not be your "smooth operator" for leisurely rides. So, consider your e-bike style – powerful or elegant – before embracing the mightiest motor. Typically, under 40 Nm is the gentle caress, while over 50 Nm is the turbocharged whirlwind. 🚴💨🌪️

Power, the electrifying juice behind your e-bike's mojo, is what sets those wheels in joyful motion. In the science-speak, it's the electromotive wizardry pushing you forward. We quantify this electrifying magic in watts (or snazzy "W" for short), a unit of electrical oomph. Now, here's the legal twist – e-bike motors stay bike buddies as long as they play nice under the 250 W cap. So, let's keep the power party rolling! 🚴⚡🎉

Battery capacity, the treasure chest of e-bike energy, involves a bit of math and electric charm. By multiplying amp-hours (a measure of electric might) with volts (the amp-pushing champ), we conjure up watt-hours (or snazzy "Wh"). These watt-hours reveal a battery's grand capacity, meaning how far it can keep the power party going.

Now, here's the deal: Bigger battery capacity equals extended adventures, but be ready for some extra pounds as high-capacity batteries pack a few more treats in their backpacks. So, it's all about finding your power-to-weight sweet spot for the ultimate e-bike thrill! ⚡🚴🎒

E-bike batteries, like all batteries, have a lifespan measured in charge cycles – those rounds of powering up and chilling down. Typically, they're good for a solid 800-1,000 cycles, which means over 10,000 miles of electric joyrides.

To keep the party going, store your battery in a cool, dry spot when it's taking a breather and show it some TLC with regular check-ups. When it's finally time to say goodbye, we've got your back for a proper send-off with recycling. So, ride on, and let's keep it eco-cool! 🚴🔋🌿

"Range" is the magic carpet ride your e-bike offers before it takes a recharge pit stop. Loads of things play into this journey, from the path you're cruising on to the wind's mood swings, and even your tire pressure preferences!

The fun part? Smart e-bike systems can whip up real-time range estimates, keeping you in the loop on your electric adventure. And if you're feeling extra adventurous, some even tag along with a bonus range-extender battery, so you can go the extra mile, no problemo! 🚴⚡🌬️

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