Vélo Électrique ADO Beast 20F

€1.499,99 €1.599,99

L'ADO Beast 20F est un vélo électrique pliable qui, pour reprendre son nom, allie puissance, durabilité et plaisir maximal.

Il est doté d'un moteur sans balais de 250 W, avec assistance au pédalage par capteur de couple, d'une boîte de vitesses Shimano à 7 rapports ainsi que de pneus larges à forte adhérence pour franchir les pentes abruptes et les terrains montagneux.

Le Beast est aussi équipé d'une batterie de grande capacité de 14,5 Ah, offrant 120 km d'autonomie, de double freins hydrauliques et d'une suspension avant pour une montée efficace et une sensation de confort sur route ou hors route.


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The ADO Beast: Read the review

The ADO Beast is an electric bike with serious OOMPH! We took the Beast through its paces in a thorough test and gave it an overall rating of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.
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The ADO Beast at a glance

If nothing else, know these four things!

The ideal rider is...

Riders on the taller and heavier side. The Beast is heavy and large, and is best suited to someone who can handle a big bike and who has some riding experience.

The Beast is ideal for...

Crushing roads and mountains alike. With a monstrous 65nm of torque and fat tyres, the Beast can summit mountains an crush commutes with easy.

Speed and Power

With a top speed of 15.5mph and a peak power output of 250W, the Beast is totally legal on public roads in the UK. Read more in our handy FAQ's below.

Maintaining the ADO Beast

No different to a regular bicycle with gears, regular servicing of the Beast is recommended. Some grease on the chain never hurt anyone!

The Electroheads top three features of the ADO Beast 20F

These are our three favourite things
Form Factor

Form Factor

The ADO Beast is a big bike that folds down into a relatively small form factor. This makes it a great option for packing into the car or van for a weekend getaway.

Clear Display

The large anti-glare screen allows you to control your bike's settings with ease. Toggle your power assist mode, track all your ride stats, monitor your remaining range and activate the lights.
Supreme Comfort

Supreme Comfort

The ADO Beast is an all-rounder. It's a comfortable city cruiser, and it eats up trails and hills for breakfast. If you're looking for an e-bike to take on all challenges, this could be the one for you.

About the Brand: A Dece Oasis

A Dece Oasis (ADO) produce a range of high quality e-bikes at affordable prices. Without compromising on reliability and build quality, ADO e-bikes represent an amazing value for money option.

Maybe the Beast isn't for you?

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