Ampere Go Electric Scooter


Take your ride to the next level with the Ampere Go Electric Scooter. Its high grade aluminium frame, 350W high-torque motor, and 10-inch wheels provide a smooth and powerful experience. Ride confidently with built-in front and rear lights, and conquer the city* with every journey!

*Scooters are not legal on public roads and footpaths in the UK. Please purchase with intent to enjoy on private roads. 

Motor: 350W (front-drive)
Battery: 10Ah 36V (lithium-ion)
Range: 30 miles
Max. Speed: 15.5mph
Front Brake: Drum
Rear Brake: EBS (Electric Braking System)
Weight: 19kg

Frame Style: Folding
Wheels: 10inch
Tyres: Solid, honeycomb construction
Water Resistance: IP65 (rain, puddles and spray)
Lights: LEDs (front and rear)
Dimensions: 120cm x 48cm x 120cm
Dimensions (folded): 120cm x 48cm  x 53.5cm  
Mudguards: Yes (front and rear)

Additional Features:
Multifunctional LED display
Built-in mudguards
Side reflectors
Cables integrated into frame

Size Guide: 165cm to 195cm (5'8" to 6'5")
Max load: 120kg
Age: 14+