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The Estarli e28 is the electric take on a smooth, sleek, classic road bike. It now comes with front suspension as standard.

It's comfy, with 28-inch wheels, making it ideal for road riding. You can choose your assistance level, from light assistance in mode one through to letting the bike do nearly all the work in mode five.

We also offer individual upgrades, including tougher puncture protection tyres and pannier rack.

This lightweight, British-built bike makes for a riding experience that is easy and comfortable, and can take on daily commutes and weekend adventures alike.


Water ResistantLight WeightLong RangeSuspensionUK Assembled

The Estarli e28: Watch the review

In this review, Eilis takes the e28 out on a ride and puts it through its paces! To watch the full review, click the button below.

The Estarli e28 at a glance

If nothing else, know these four things!

The ideal rider is...

Men and women looking for a sleek e-bike which looks similar to a regular bike. The e28 is your quintessential bicycle, electrified. It's perfect for anyone and we love it.

The Estarli e28 is ideal for...

Crushing the commute and leisure rides on the roads. The e28 is the perfect commuter companion with its comfortable riding position, long range and powerful motor.

Speed and Power

The e28 has a top speed of 15.5mph and a peak power output of 250W, which makes it legal to ride on public roads and footpaths in the UK. For more information, you can read our handy FAQs below.

Maintaining the Estarli e28

Like any geared bike with a chain, the e28 will serve you best with regular servicing. Keeping the chain greased goes a long way!

The Electroheads top three features of the Estarli e28

These are our three favourite things
Shimano 8 Speed

Shimano 8 Speed

The Estarli e28 has a super slick Shimano Altus derailleur with 8 gears, which is perfect for all manner of riding conditions. You'll easily conquer any hills with ease, that's for sure!
Estarli Estarli e28 electric bike Electric Road Bikes

Integrated Mono Shock

The e28 has a single shock absorber hidden in the stem between the front fork and handlebars. Apart from being a great piece of design, the shock soaks up any bumps in the road effortlessly.
Estarli Estarli e28 electric bike Electric Road Bikes

Integrated Display

We love that the screen is discreetly hidden in the face of the handlebars. It's another design feature from Estarli that we love. Very slick!

About the brand: Estarli

Founded by two brothers, Estarli produces some of our favourite e-bikes. Proudly built to order in Berkhamstead, UK, Estarli produce high quality e-bikes at an affordable price.

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