Litelok Core Plus Bike Lock


The Litelok Core Plus ensures maximum security for your electric bike – so much so that it's been awarded the highest 'Bicycle Diamond' rating by independent testing organisation Sold Secure. 

Its 100cm length makes the Core Plus a particularly good lock for e-bikes, which are often chunkier than standard bicycles – though it also comes in a smaller size (75cm) should you prefer. For such a secure lock, it's also not too heavy, which makes it easy to use on the go.

Length: 100cm or 75cm
Weight: 2.25kg (4.9lbs) or 1.9kg (4.1lbs)
Material: High-tensile steel core, steel exoskeleton protection with a plant based biopolymer. Outer abrasion sleeve.
Wearable waist size: 42"(108cm) - 54"(136cm) for the 100cm, or 28"(70cm) - 41"(106cm) for the 75cm.