Buzze F450 Electric Scooter


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Designed for everyday riding, the Buzze F450 e-scooter features a power range of 60km and a water resistant, foldable frame – making it an ideal choice for those in need of a practical and durable way to get around. The Buzze F450 electric scooter's motor has serious power, too, producing 450W and able to travel up to 21mph.

Not only does it feature a display screen to track and support you on your journeys, the accompanying app also allows for plenty of insight into your daily travel.

• Battery: 48V 15.6Ah
• Charging time: 7 hours
• Motor: 450W
• Max Speed: 15mph or 21 mph (via App)
• Electric power range: 60km
• Max load: 120kg/264lb

• Expand Size: 1190 x 510 x 1235mm
• Folded size: 1190 x 510 x 500mm
• Weight: 24.5kg
• Color: Black
• Tyre size: 10 x 2.7 inches
• Tyre properties: Vacuum
• User: 16+
• Waterproof rating: IP65
• Braking system: Front drum brake + rear disc brake

• Display screen: Handlebar display
• Function: Drive modes / total milage / speed / battery / gear key
• App: Locking, trip tracking, and real-time diagnostics
• Light: Front LED, Rear LED, Turn Signals
• Riding modes: Energy saving / standard / sports

Beyond PEV offers a 2-year warranty on Buzze products – 12 months for all major components and 24 months for the frame.

Products are typically delivered within 1-3 working days, and Beyond PEV also offers a 14-day returns policy for non-faulty products.

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