What is it

At Electroheads we’re passionate about the electric revolution. But it’s not the electricity we love… it’s what the electricity allows us to do.

So as Electroheads we love:

Low-impact mobility that touches the Earth lightly. Speed machines that can only be described as ludicrous. Upward mobility. Social mobility. New adventures in far (and near) flung places. A surfboard we can ride when there is no surf. New experiences we are yet to dream but will remember forever. Guilt-free school road-trips. Drone racing like we’re rebels from the Alliance. Democratising a sport that’s only been for the privileged few not the talented many. The joy of instant torque and laughing. And more talk and laughing.

That’s why we’re supercharging a social movement to galvanise and unite Electroheads around the world. We’re here to enable that change, and to show people there’s a load of fun to be had while doing it.


We believe your childlike sense of wonder is still in there somewhere, and that you can still have the future you always dreamed of.

And we believe that getting from A to B can be exhilarating, or at least done without destroying the planet.

And we believe that people want to be entertained and to experience things that move them and give them something to positively share and remember.

E-mobility is already a multi-billion dollar industry, and it’s growing fast. But while there are nascent followings around EV, e-boards, e-bikes and electric motorsport, we believe that the time is right for a global electric movement.

By bringing advocates and evangelists together we’ll create the Electroheads community, so that we can increase awareness, bring e-mobility to new audiences, challenge misconceptions, and accelerate change.


Electroheads has three components to supercharge The Movement.

Electroheads Media

Electroheads Media is where our mission meets its audience. We’re growing a following by entertaining Gen Zs and Millennials on social media with content based on the thrill and joy of electric cars, skateboards, bikes, technology and more.

Electroheads Media is our platform to share our message with the world, and show that e-mobility is not only right for the planet, but right for consumers too.

Electroheads Motorsport

We believe that the fastest kids – not the richest kids – should have the opportunity to race at the highest level. To enable them, we asked Electroheads’ co-founder (and Formula 1 engineering legend) Rob Smedley to develop high-performance, electric go-karts that are faster, lighter and, vitally, cheaper than their old-school equivalents. Our electric kart racing series is the first step on our mission to democratise the world of motorsport.

Electroheads Talent Academy

Electroheads Talent Academy will work to ensure talented youngsters get the opportunity to ascend the motorsports pyramid and prove their skills at higher levels - whether they’re classic single-seater racers or next-gen e-riders.

And we don’t stop there. Our Academy works with world-leading universities and technology brands to create STEM opportunities that will engage a new breed of inventors, engineers, programmers and designers. And in this era of the influencer, the Academy will also unearth the best on-screen talent, content makers and electro-taste makers throughout the world.

The New Battle Ground for Brands

Climate crisis. The technology revolution. Rapid, mass urbanization. Inequality, diversity and inclusion. Data. Community. Privacy.

Brand success for many years was fundamentally about saying the right things. That was almost enough.

Not anymore, now it’s about doing the right things.

Action. Behaviour. Evidence.

This isn’t about brands purpose-washing. This is about brands reorganising around ideas and behaviours that demonstrate change for the better.

Put bluntly, brands can either be part of the problem or part of the solution.

Electroheads helps global brands in the tech, energy, automotive, financial services and lifestyle sectors be part of the solution.

If you’d like to find out how, please drop us a note here (partnerships@electroheads.com) and we’d love to come say hello and find out what’s going on in your world.