When 19 year-old Cody Bouchard passed away from cancer, his friend Jonathan Shrier crossed across the whole of Canada – from Montreal to Whistler – on a Onewheel. The 2,900 mile journey was sponsored by numerous organisations and individuals, and at time of writing has raised over $40,000 for the Cody Michael Bouchard Fund (or CMB Fund).

It was a heroic idea that took off and then some. In the wake of Cody’s tragic passing from Osteo Ewing Sarcoma cancer after nine months of treatment, Shrier decided to raise money for those fighting similar battles, and thus began the CMB Fund in Cody’s name. The fund is still going, of course, and proceeds all go to the VOBOC Foundation of Quebec, whose stated mission is to: “equip, engage and empower adolescents and young adults (AYAs) with cancer to improve their experiences and health outcomes.” 

For those of you who’ve never ridden a Onewheel, we should clarify it’s not as easy as it looks. Similar to skateboarding or skiing, the activity requires a very solid core and can easily exhaust somebody over a day of riding. The forward motion is powered by a motor, yes, but the control, steering and balance is the pilot’s jurisdiction, done through the legs, feet and abdomen. Getting across any country would be an incredible feat. Getting across a massive country like Canada is particularly impressive. But not only did Shrier manage it, he did it in just thirty days.

Shrier performed this cross-country odyssey to honour his friend Cody Michael Bouchard, shown above.

Because of the limited charge of a Onewheel, he was shadowed by a support team in a camper van, charging up spares along the way. Whenever his board began to power down, they’d supply him with a fresh one and charge the empty one back up again while he kept going. It’s almost certainly a record for distance on a Onewheel achieved in that amount of time, and such an incredible achievement seems like a worthy tribute to Cody’s legacy. 

For those of you who want to donate to the CMB Fund (and you definitely should), you can find the link to do so here, along with Cody’s story and all the important details. Their motto is “Fuck cancer, no one fights alone.” That’s a philosophy I think we can all agree with.