In a strategy presentation for investors on October 6th, Mercedes-Benz announced plans for an upcoming EV model that might be able to do Shanghai to Beijing in a single charge – a distance of more than 1214 km.

Mercedes’ upcoming prototype EV, codenamed as the Vision EQXX, was discussed in some detail; mainly in reference to future business strategy, what Mercedes were hoping to achieve, and what features might be included. Of particular note was a series of slides throughout the Technology Strategy section that read as follows. 

“Ultimate range. Ultimate efficiency. Stuttgart to Nice on one charge? Stuttgart to London on one charge? New York to Detroit on one charge? Shanghai to Beijing on one charge?? VISION EQXX.” (Technology Strategy, 29:40)

Currently the longest-range EV looks to be the Lucid Air, which tapped out the Tesla Model S when it achieved 517 miles on a single charge, easily beating the Model S’ record of about 400 miles. However, if Mercedes’ ambitions are plausible (and yes, we noticed those sneaky question marks to give yourselves some leeway, Mercedes), it’d outperform the Air by 50% – a staggering step up. Mercedes explained this would be done not with larger batteries, but with a greater efficiency of power, utilising electricity in the most conservative way possible without compromising performance or function. 

There was plenty of other news for Mercedes’ EV future though. As part of a strategy called “Electric First”, four new vehicles were announced for the near future, not even including the EQXX: The EQS luxury sedan will be out in 2021, followed by the EQE, the EQS-SUV and the EQE-SUV. Despite being all very boringly-named, it’s a good sign that the auto-giant is focusing on the right ideas, especially with the news that the AMG, Maybach and G lines will also be going electric.

You can read meeting notes and see the presentation in its entirety at the link here.