Free money from the Government! Yes! Free money!

Save up to 42% on e-bikes and accessories with Cycle to Work.

You can slash the cost of your e-bike and accessories with a Cycle to Work Scheme in the UK. The monthly cost of your e-bike and accessories will be taken from your gross income (before tax is deducted) as a tax-free salary sacrifice, meaning you can save between 32% and 42%. That's literally the Government putting serious money towards your new e-bike.

Purchasing via a Cycle to Work Scheme is the cheapest way to make an e-bike purchase, so be sure to check if your company is registered with a scheme to get the maximum savings. If they're not, go nag the HR department...

We currently accept the following schemes:

- Green Commute Initiative
- Cyclescheme
- My Benefits World
- Enjoy Benefits
- Vivup

If your scheme is on that list, then there are three simple steps to buying an e-bike with real money off.

1. Add to Cart

This is the fun part! Choose the e-bike of your dreams and any eligible accessories (yes, they're discounted too) and add it all to your cart.

You’re not committing to a purchase by building your ‘wish list’. We just need to email you the price of what you’re considering so that you can ask your employer for a Cycle to Work voucher if you decide to go ahead. 

2. Get Your Quote

Go to the Checkout, but don't use your credit card, just select "Pay Using a Cycle to Work Scheme" as your payment method. Then check out and we will email you the quote that you can use to get your Cycle to Work payment voucher from your employer.

Please note that the use of discount codes is prohibited on Cycle to Work applications. Your application value will be adjusted and re-issued to you if a discount code is used.

3. Get Your Voucher

When you’re ready to place your order, get your voucher from your employer and make sure it is to the same value as the quote we emailed you. If they match up, then simply send the voucher and your quote order number to us at: 

Once we've got your voucher, we will process your order and shipping information will be forwarded to you. 

That's all it takes. Simple. A brand new e-bike part-paid by the Chancellor of the Exchequer. What's not to like?

We're here to help

We’re always here to help you choose your dream e-bike through Cycle To Work.

If you have any questions about the process or our e-bikes then you can email us at:

You can browse our range of best selling Cycle to Work e-bikes from brands such as ADO, Estarli, Honbike and Engwe.

Frequently asked questions

You may not use a discount code on your Cycle to Work application.

Discount codes are not allowed on Cycle to Work applications as Cycle to Work orders impose additional costs on the retailer.

To be eligible for Cycle to Work you must be paid via PAYE and be a full-time, working adult aged 16 or over. Your employer needs to be signed up and your earnings should be more than the National Living Wage (NLW) or National Minimum Wage (NMW) after the salary sacrifice is taken from your gross salary. In essence if you earn around £22,000 or over you will qualify.

In short, no! The government guidelines state that you should use your bike and accessories for commuting for at least 50% of its usage however you do not have to log your bikes mileage.

Also, the guidelines state that even using your bike on PART of your commute counts. So if you just use the bike to get to the station before you get your train to work, this qualifies.

Basically, there's no rules, just guidance so interpret that how you like and whether you use the bike for a full commute every day or occasionally to get to the train station you'll be able to take advantage of the scheme.

The value of your bike and accessories (including VAT) are deducted from your gross salary so you effectively pay less tax. Cumulatively, per month over the hire period, those tax savings add up to a total saving of between 30-42% on the retail price of the bike and accessories. The saving is dependent on how what tax rate you pay - higher rate tax payers will save more.

Yes you can. All of our electric bikes qualify for the Cycle 2 Work Scheme. Check with your employer what their maximum price limit is. We have some great products priced at under £2000 and some at even under £1500.

We are currently registered with:

Green Commute Initiative


My Benefits World

Enjoy Benefits

We will be registered with the Halfords Cycle2Work scheme by late September 2023

1) Add the e-bike and accessories you want to your cart.

2) Checkout and select "Pay Using a Cycle to Work Scheme" as your payment method. You won't be charged anything.

3) Request a Cycle to Work Voucher from your employer to the same value as your order. Send your voucher and order number to for redeption.

Yes you can but some accessories are not allowed. As a rule of thumb anything you can wear or attach to a bike (except GPS) is allowed.

But really, who wouldn't want a brand new shiny electric bike?

No. E-bikes purchased using a Cycle to Work Scheme are not eligible for discount codes.

No, your voucher must cover the total value of your purchase. You cannot add to it yourself.

No, we can't apply a voucher to your order retrospectively after full payment has been taken.

THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT: You must inform us if you wish to order via the Cycle To Work Scheme by emailing

If you by via our website we cannot apply your voucher to the purchase.

No, your whole voucher value is redeemed at the point of payment.

No, we can't do that. Sorry.

The most cost effective options that give the greatest savings tend to be the default option on all schemes but it's worth understanding how it works. It's based around the Governments published Bike Valuation Table, click here to view.

The valuation of the bike naturally decreases over time. So the schemes have worked out a way to ensure the value of the bike is as low as possible when the agreement terminates. This is called different things depending on the Scheme you are on.

Cyclescheme call this "Own It Later"

Green Commute call it an "Extended Loan Agreement"

So if you were to take ownership of the bike after 12 months you'd be liable to pay 25% of the original price of the bike. This negates a lot of the tax savings offered by the scheme so no one does it. It's not even really offered as an option.

Cyclescheme's "Own It Later" option extends your loan period for another three years thus making the value at the end 7% of the purchase price. You pay this as a deposit and at the end of the three years the Scheme takes your deposit and the ownership is transferred to you automatically.

Green Commute's "Extended Loan Agreement" takes it even further and extends the loan period by a further five years so that the value at the end of the term is negligible. You pay £1 to transfer the ownership.

Scheme Calculators

See how much you can save
Green Commute Initiative

See how much you can save

See how much you can save
Cycle Scheme

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