We recently caught up with Dale Vince, one of the UK’s leaders in sustainability and responsible business.

Not content with just owning the world’s first vegan and carbon neutral football club, or the successful renewable energy business Ecotricity, Dale has now launched Sky Diamonds.

His new company, with its Beatles-inspired name, has found a way to quite literally mine diamonds from the sky.

As Dale explains in his interview with Electroheads (above), it’s one thing to be cutting the amount of carbon we put into the atmosphere, but the truth is that there is already too much of it in our air, so we need to find a way to take it out.

By locking it up in diamonds, Dale and his team have found a way not just to take carbon out of the atmosphere, but turn it into something beautiful.

Sky Diamonds
Dale Vince and his new Sky Diamonds venture

Vince has a history of fusing his deep passion for sustainable energy with technological innovation. He launched the wind turbine business back in 1996. To say he was ahead of the curve given the Government’s recent announcement to support this area of the industry, doesn’t really cover it. Aligned with being an early green energy entrepreneur, his activism has seen him form strong associations with Sea Shepherd, the global marine conservation not-for-profit, as its UK Honorary Patron.