As the number of electric cars on the road continues to rapidly grow, and the number of charging points slowly catches up, things can get pretty heated when charging points are misused.

Tesla has worked hard to prevent owners from hogging charge spots, implementing fees for leaving your car at the station once the battery is full. But thus far, there’s no way of combating people who just use charge points as regular parking spaces; a frustratingly common occurrence.

Now however, it seems an anonymous E-Vigilante in Shanghai has taken matters into their own hands. A photo posted on Twitter by EV blogger @JayInShanghai showed that one Tesla owner, who committed the cardinal sin of parking in a supercharger spot without plugging in, received harsh justice.

In the photo, the Model S has been left with its bonnet swinging open and front bumper detached entirely. No act of vandalism should be condoned but the incident does raise an interesting question. How on Earth do we prevent people from misusing charging spots?