The festive season is upon us and you might be considering giving the glorious gift of pedal assist to a loved one – or just buying one for yourself. But with so many options out there where do you start? 

Electroheads’ own Eilis paid a visit to Fully Charged in Central London to hear from the e-bike experts which top 5 bikes you NEED to take home with you. 

Max from Fully Charged took us through each of the top offerings available, starting with the Gocycle GX. Costing £2,899, with a 250W motor and a 50-mile range, this bike is ideal for the urban commuter, tube-rider or flat-dweller; it’s lightweight, foldable, and super-maneuverable. What’s more, the universal sizing means it can accommodate anyone from 4’11” to 6’6”, meaning you can share it with your mate, partner, or family. Plus there’s the Boost button to give you an extra burst of energy.

Next was the Super 73 S2, coming in at £3,300, with a 250W motor and a range of over 75 miles. As well as boasting celebrity endorsements from the likes of Jack Black and Will Smith, this model has the advantage of a meaty set of tyres enabling you to take it over all types of terrain, with a huge battery that’ll only need a weekly charge. It can get up to impressive speeds as well, maxing out at 28 mph (if you’ve got the private land, of course).

Thirdly we have the Moustache XRoad 1, with an entry level price point of £2,399, a 250W motor and a 65-mile range. Sporty yet comfortable, this is a jack-of-all-trades bike, and the advantage of the Moustache series is their use of the Bosch electric system, which provides impressive power and range, and is intuitive to use. 

Next up is the Riese and Muller Tinker, costing £3,799, with a 250W motor and an “extensive” (basically, massive) range. It’s on the expensive end, but for good reason – with seat and front suspension, almost no maintenance, a powerful light and adjustable stem, this is a super-quiet, smooth ride with a 25kg carrying capacity. Narrow and nimble, it’s ideal for the inner city. 

Finally, we have the Desiknio SP Urban, at £3,459, with a 250W motor and a 60-mile range. The e-bike that looks like a classic bicycle, it’s incredibly lightweight and smooth, with the battery and motor hidden away, and almost no maintenance. Each one is handcrafted in Spain, so bear in mind that prices can vary massively as they’re totally customisable. 

So which bike did Eilis end up riding away on? You’ll just have to watch to find out…

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