The Dacia Spring Electric is here to change the way we drive in cities. It’s an electric car with a small footprint, but a big old heart… and a big boot too. In this video, Rich covers all the vital stats and info on a car that could become to cars what Lime Bikes are to bicycles.

Rather than a typical cute hatchback, this Romanian city car is an SUV crossover. Still, it’s no-nonsense, accessible, and incredibly affordable. With a brake horsepower of 44 – yep, that’s 44, not 144 – a range of 140 miles, and a 78mph maximum, the Spring Electric might sound limited. But this isn’t the car for your cross-country road trip, it’s the car with the boot space for your big Tesco run. Why burn the planet’s resources to sit in traffic?

Dacia’s slogan is ‘You do the maths’, and if we’ve done ours right, it’s the cheapest electric car on the European market. What’s more, we think they may be claiming that come its release in Spring 2021, it’ll be the cheapest car on the market, period – not just electric. If so, this would be huge for bringing in new buyers switching over from ICE. 

However, the one catch is that the Spring Electric is only being released in Spring for shared ownership and rideshares – you won’t be able to buy one until Autumn. But do you really need to own a car? It seems part of Dacia’s solution to a growing problem would be the normalisation of hopping in for a quick trip when you need it, then leaving it to charge for the next person. 

So no, the Spring Electric is nothing extraordinary. But it is reliable and affordable, and it’s necessary steps like these that will make it easier to change the wasteful way we’re currently using vehicles.