The Model S, one of Tesla’s most recognisable cars and marques alike, is the best part of a decade old now and not getting any younger.

The car first appeared in June 2012, and has been something of a flagship for Tesla since its creation, distributed all over the world and one of the best-selling electric cars of the last decade. But does it still hold up?

As you can see in the video below below, Jack of the Electroheads video team went to work examining the car, and was surprised just to see how much the vehicle has changed – at least on the inside.

Despite very few visual and exterior changes (mostly reductive, for that sleek modern look), countless downloads and software updates and upgrades have transformed the Model S into something that doesn’t just keep up with the times, but keeps it on the cutting edge. As Jack put it:

“See, this, (the touchscreen interface) is the car. Everything outside of this screen is just seats and a couple of pedals that don’t do anything. Everything about the Model S – from how quickly the door handles pop out to the braking distance, everything – is adjustable over the air. You may not be able to see the changes that Tesla have made, but they are here, and they’re significant.”

Features like automatic self-driving, smart summon and sentry mode have made the car not just unique, but oddly revolutionary. Despite the frequent controversy around the company itself, the car remains one of Electrohead’s favourites when it comes to EVs, partly because it’s always changing, upgrading and enhancing through updates. Even if you bought one back in 2012, it won’t feel like it now – and that’s a hell of an achievement.