The Onewheel is now five years old, but in an ever-expanding landscape of cool, quirky and unique e-mobility devices, it might still be the coolest, quirkiest and most unique of them all. A self-balancing skateboard with one giant karting wheel between your feet, it transforms your tedious morning commute into an experience akin to carving through powder on a snowboard.

This month, Onewheel began shipping its latest product, the Pint, and early impressions are good. It’s a smaller, more affordable model, easier to carry around when not in use and therefore more suited to the urban environment.

But surely, whether it’s the compact Pint or the full-fat XR, one thing the Onewheel is not cut out for is tricks… right?

Well, apparently no one told Jeff McCosker. He’s the man behind The Float Life – one of the first companies to offer a range of aftermarket accessories for the Onewheel. And to promote his brand, he likes to post videos of himself doing outrageous things on his board.

Check out the video below to see Jeff pulling off a series of tricks that are, at times, frankly unfathomable on a big, heavy Onewheel. He’s since posted an equally astonishing video using the newly released Pint. Are we looking at the best Onewheel rider in the world??