As the viewer of this Super73 RX video, you assume full responsibility if you end up coveting one after watching. Viewing is at the viewer’s risk. 

Kol, Eilis and Jack took the new Super73 RX for a spin in Central London, pulling wheelies and taking epic photos. Shout out to Fully Charged bike shop for letting us take the Super73s for a spin. 

On a quest to find the best spots for moody and dramatic Instagram shots in the London rain, the team first stopped in at Fully Charged and learned the difference between the two models they’d be testing out – the Super73 S2 and its newer iteration, the RX. Here are the basics:



Front suspension 

Custom S73 fat tyres

75+mile range

1200W motor



Full suspension

Custom S73 fat tyres

75+mile range

2000W motor

The main difference is the RX’s back suspension providing an even smoother ride, but it also has a more powerful motor. It’s important to note that the throttle for both models – the part that makes them go without any pedalling – is illegal in the UK, but nonetheless they’re both amazing bikes to ride.

But on to the really important stuff: how cool can you look posing on them for Instagram shots? We tested out a few different locations, starting with a moody low-down city shot of Jack on the RX, then a dramatic angle for Eilis on the S2 at the Barbican. Finally, cameraman Kol showed off his serious skills on the RX, culminating in this impressive wheelie shot. 

Here’s the three shots we ended up with. We think they’re all killer, but we’re a bit biased, so let us know which you think is the best in the comments on Youtube or Instagram.

If the title of this article is correct, and you’re interested in grabbing one, pay our mates at Fully Charged a visit – Use the code ELECTRO50 at checkout to get £50 worth of accessories FOC when you spend over £1000.