Cyrusher Kommoda photo by Electroheads

Cyrusher Kommoda Electric Bike Review

July 12, 2022James Moore

The Cyrusher is a capable and versatile fat tyre e-bike that packs a lot of power (750w) into a fairly small package.

With a step-through design, the Kommoda is easy to hop on and off, and Cyrusher even go as far as to say the bike was designed with the shorter rider in mind.

We recently took the Kommoda for a test ride on country trails, and with three Electroheads staff of various heights all riding the powerful electric bike - we can safely say it suits the taller rider too.

The Kommoda features both a pedal-assist and throttle based power, meaning you can either ride it like a bicycle, or ride it like a motorcycle.

That said - do be aware that in some countries such as the UK, throttle-powered e-bikes are NOT allowed to be ridden in public areas or on roads.

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The bike comes in a range of colours, our favourite is the pearly white (which looks great when splattered with mud from trails)!

With a range of 50 miles (80km) on a single charge, you could go all day on the Cyrusher Kommoda without needing to recharge.

The step-through design makes it accessible for riders off all abilities, and the cargo rail on the back comes in handy for packing a picnic for that day out in the country.


At a weight of 34kg, you won't want to carry or pedal this one home if you do run out of power.

While it is a very solid off-road bike, the smaller wheel size means you won't want to be throwing it off jumps. But for trail riding and road riding, it's more than capable.

Watch Electroheads' Cyrusher Kommoda video review:

Here's our Lead Presenter, Eilis Barrett's verdict on the Kommoda:

With a top speed of 26mph, this is a seriously fun and fast electric bike. That said, it's very much friendly to riders of all abilities, and you can run the bike on a lower power mode that ensures the acceleration is gentle.

The big front fork soaks up trails, and makes roads feel smooth and effortless - this is a fantastic leisure bike for riders of all abilities, and particularly for those who want to go out for hours at a time without having to worry about charging.

One thing to bear in mind is that it is weighty. If you are planning on taking it to trails, then you wouldn't be able to get it there on your car's standard bike rack, you might need to chuck it in the back of a truck or van.

But I had a whale of a time on the Cyrusher Kommoda, and we've even kept one for the office so we can do burnouts in the car park (just don't tell my boss)!

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Cyrusher Kommoda spec:

  • Motor: 750w brushless motor
  • Battery: 48volt 14 amp hour
  • Range: 50miles/80km
  • Max load (max rider weight): 150kg
  • Full charge time: 4-7 hours
  • Tyres: 20 inch fat tyres, puncture-resistant
  • Derailleur: Shimano SL-TX50-7R, 7 speed
  • Brakes: Front and rear hydraulic disc brakes
  • Bike weight: 34kg