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The best 8 adult electric scooters in the UK in late 2023

January 29, 2024Richard Beech

Our testers have reviewed many escooters throughout the years, and yes, they all have their particular benefits and drawbacks. So to make it easier for you to decide which one fits your needs better, we have curated a list of the best ones for different needs and uses.

Some of the aspects in which these escooters have been rated are: price, performance, comfort, build quality, safety, handling and practicality. The models we recommend are:

Five-star scooters

Four-star scooters

Five-star scooters

Pure Advance Flex: "Packed with useful features" £1,099.99

Best for cutting-edge technology and compact folding

Pure Advance Flex escooter

If Tesla made a scooter, it would probably resemble the Pure Advance Flex. This is a powerful, long-range scooter with an innovative and rather novel front-facing riding position. It also has Pure Control, Pure’s name for their signature new electronic steering stabilisation (a bit like torque vectoring in a sports car).

While many scooters are foldable, the Pure Advance Flex folds TWICE, into a super compact form - it’s a bit like the Brompton bike of the scooter world.

At 16.2kg, it’s relatively heavy, but we found it still easy to carry short distances, or to transport in the back of a car. Most importantly though, the double folding mechanism means it can fit into a fairly small cupboard space for storage at home.

So let’s talk about the ride - as mentioned, the Advance Flex has a forward facing ride position, unlike most scooters which have a narrow skateboard-like platform which the rider has to stand on at a slight angle.

The Advance Flex has two individual platforms (one for each foot). This takes some getting used to, but once you adjust to it, we found it was arguably easier to steer than a normal scooter, just by shifting your bodyweight from side to side.

In terms of safety and visibility, the amount of lights on the Pure Advance Flex can compete with a small Christmas tree. It features a 150 lumen front light, handlebar and footpad indicators, rear brake, and running lights - we definitely turned heads while out reviewing it.

The Pure Electric app allows you to digitally lock and unlock your scooter, monitor its stats and enable cruise control, which is a nice feature to have.

And the final trick up its sleeve? As well as a front mechanical brake combined, it has a regenerative rear electric brake, helping to give a riding range of 40km (24.8 miles), at a top speed of 25km/h (15.5mph).

Oh, and sprinkle a little water resistance of IP65 on top. Heh, see what we did there? That means it’s resistant to heavy rain and splashes.

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Pure Air: "Built for real life" £399

Best for all-round quality under £500

Pure Air escooter

Similar to the Pure Advance Flex, the Pure Air comes with a lot of useful features, but with a much smaller price tag, at £449. While you’ll be sacrificing the front-facing riding and full foldable design, it still folds in half, and retains a lot of the characteristics of the Advance Flex.

The Pure Air has a robust design, with an oversized handlebar stem, and when you are on it, it really feels like a chunky and sturdy scooter to ride.

Its active steering stabilisation gently turns the handlebar to center after a turn, almost like power steering - which we found made the cornering feel smooth, if slightly counter-intuitive at first (but we did get used to it pretty quickly). It comes equipped with a bright 150 lumen front light, handlebar indicators (a great feature to have on a scooter of this price), rear brake, and running light.

Although the range is slightly on the lower end at 20m or 30km, the regenerative e-brake helps recharge the battery while braking, which can boost the range. 

Overall, in our testing, the Pure Air proved itself to be a reliable and comfortable scooter to ride, and it feels like a higher quality scooter than its price point would suggest.

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Engwe S5: "like a tank" £649.99

Best all-round seated option

Engwe S5 escooter

With a range of 37 miles (60km) on a triple suspension system, – front, rear, and under the seat – you are sure to have a comfortable ride on the S5. It comes with a 500W motor and 15.6AH Lithium-ion battery, with an impressive top speed of 28mph.

It’s worth noting that you can fold down the seat or remove it entirely, giving you the option to use it as a seated scooter or a standing scooter.

Personally, we think it’s most fun as a standing scooter (the wide footplate makes it comfortable for standing riding) - and there aren’t many scooters on the market that have a top speed as high as this one for this sort of price point.

So what’s the drawback? Well this speed, power and size must come at a cost, and the cost here is in weight. At 31.7kg, this is a fairly heavy scooter, and we had some difficulty carrying it up stairs or lug into the back of a car.

This weight does make it feel like a bit of a tank though, and it feels especially safe when riding in a seated position. 

And in terms of safety, its 8 light sources do a good job of keeping you safe and visible to all, and give you control so other road users know your next move.

If all this wasn’t enough, it has an IPX4 water resistance, allowing you to travel on rainy days or other wet road conditions.

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Jeep Camou 2xe: "Built like a tank" £629.00

Best for build quality and longevity

Jeep Camou 2xe escooter

When we say the Camou 2xe is built like a tank, we mean it. This scooter is loosely based on the old Jeeps originally built as military vehicles, leading to its robust build, which boasts dual suspension, puncture-proof 10 inch tyres and a stability that withstands windy conditions. Not to mention the bullbars and the camouflage colouring.

While it’s not the fastest scooter, with a top speed of 15mph, it does have a very quick acceleration thanks to its 500W motor that successfully propelled our 85kg reviewer up gradients of 20% fairly easily. 

The motor on the Jeep Camou is mounted on the front wheel, leading to tight and nimble steering and handling - a feature we really like. The front suspension is also incredibly effective, stopping vibrations from the road from impacting your wrists when gripping the handlebars.

It has a range of 45km/h (28 miles) - which is above the standard range of an e-scooter. It also has cruise control, allowing you to ride one-handed (if you dare to do so)!

If you want additional details about the performance of your 2xe, as well as real-time location of your vehicle, Jeep has developed an app (available on Google Play and App Store) that also provides chat assistance.

One downside of the 2xe is that it's water resistant to Ipx4, meaning that while you can ride on surface water with no issues, riding in pouring rain is a no-go (though light rain will be fine).

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Four-star scooters

E-Dash LE1: "Everything an electric scooter should be" £399.99

Best for affordable performance 

E-Dash LE1escooter

If you’re looking to buy an electric scooter on a budget, at only £399, the LE1 is a practical and reliable way to get around - and it has a more impressive set of features than many other scooters in this price range - such as having a top speed of 20mph (higher than the usual top speed of 15.5mph(.

While affordability usually sacrifices performance, the E-Dash LE1 fared well in our testing. The 350W motor and Lithium ion 36V 10Ah removable battery will take you as far as 28 miles, though this range will go down if you ride at the max speed of 20mph. Moreover, the LE1 is foldable and weight only 13kg, making it very portable and easy to store under a desk or in a cupboard. It has a decent water resistance rating of IP54 (making it resistant to rain and splashes).

For us the E-Dash LE1 set a benchmark in our tests when it comes to an affordable electric scooter. It’s straightforward and easy to use. No confusing apps or frilly bits, just switch on and ride off.

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Windgoo B9: Accessibility for a variety of riders" £449.99

Best affordable option with a seat

Windgoo B9 escooter

The Windgoo B9 is built to help less confident riders get going. We found its naturally-positioned seat, firm-grip deck, and great visibility of the surroundings made for a very safe ride. Its top speed of 15.5mph makes it a good balance between comfort and an upgrade from a mobility scooter. While the design of the B9 is not the most visually appealing, it is ultimately about giving everyone an opportunity to enjoy an e-ride.

With its 350W brushless motor and integrated 36V 7.5Ah lithium battery, you can get a range of about 20km at full power, which isn’t great, but it will be suitable for many riders. And while it’s a little heavy at 24.2 kg, it is easy to carry around by the saddle – however this weight may be a concern for those with limited mobility.

A couple of things to note is that even folded, there is no obvious point to lock it to a rack or other suitable location. The other thing is that the battery cannot be removed from under the footplate, so you would have to bring the scooter to a power outlet in order to charge it (rather than being able to remove the battery and charge it separately).

But hey, it has a basket!

Overall, it’s a fun little scooter to ride. The only change we would make is to add springs under the saddle for a touch more comfort on the derriere.

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Aprilia ESR2 Evo - “A suspension that really gives you a sense of security” £599.99

Best all-rounder at a reasonable price

Aprilia ESR2 Evo escooter

If you enjoy night time rides, this scooter is a great choice. It has both front and rear lights, as well as a bottom light beneath your feet making it very easy for other people to spot you when it’s dark.

But the standout feature of the Evo is that it can travel up to an impressive 50 km (31 miles) thanks to a regenerative braking system that uses kinetic energy from braking to add charge back into the battery. 

That said, we did find this electronic braking system takes some getting used to, as it makes the braking process feel slightly different to old-fashioned mechanical brakes.

But the ride on this scooter is generally excellent. The front and rear suspension are very responsive to the terrain and provided a smooth riding experience even on more bumpy roads and trails.

Overall the Evo is a sturdy scooter, with solid build quality and impressive performance for the price point. The only thing we would ask for is a higher IP rating. The scooter has an IPX4 rating which allows it to go through puddles or to be used in light rain, but not in heavy rain or storms.

Read the full review of the Aprilia ESR2 Evo

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Flow Camden Air - “A great balance between performance and portability” £289.99

Best value for your money

Flow Camden Air escooter

The Camden Air is a lightweight electric scooter that gets to its maximum speed of 25km/h (15.5 mph) quite quickly, especially in sport mode. It has a combination of mechanical braking on the rear and an e-brake on the front giving you a nice blend between new technology and trusted traditional methods. 

We found the 350W motor to be surprisingly powerful - thanks to the light weight of the scooter, weighing in at just 12kg - one of the lightest on the market.

A downside is the range, which is just 12 miles. This is lower than some of the more expensive scooters in this list, but will still be suitable for many riders.

Due to its light weight, the Flow Camden Air has some major advantages and disadvantages when it comes to rideability. We found it a nimble and agile scooter to ride, getting to top speed quickly and performing well on turns. 

That said, it’s light weight means you do tend to feel vibrations from the road through your feet and wrists more so than on some other scooters. This would only be a significant problem over long distances, and given its range of 12 miles - this scooter is not designed for long distance riding.

The integrated lights at the front and rear of the scooter keep you visible while riding. The rear light flashes automatically under braking, an extra little detail that makes us feel that this scooter is exceptional for the price.

All in all, the Camden Air is an entry level scooter that matches its competitors in specs, but beats most of them on price.

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