Fiido L3 electric bike review

Fiido L3 electric folding bike review - "astonishing range"

December 08, 2022Eilis Barrett

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By Richard Beech

The Fiido L3 claims a 125 mile range that is quite frankly unbelievable - but we’ve tested it, and you really can go that far.

Not only that, this electric bike is under £1,000. Let’s find out if it’s too good to be true (hint: it’s not).

Reviewing the Fiido L3 folding electric bike

Good for

  • Commuters
  • Delivery riders
  • People low on storage space
  • Adventurers (you could ride from London to Brighton and still have battery)


  • Battery capacity and range
  • Value for money
  • Comfortable


  • Single geared
  • Cadence sensor

Expert verdict

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings


The Fiido L3 changed my commute for the better. With thicker tyres than some folding bikes (such as Brompton or MiRider) and with mudguards as standard, it’s a good all-weather bike.

Fiido L3 folded

Even in cold weather (which can negatively affect the performance of batteries), we managed to get a 90 mile range on a single charge from the Fiido L3 with an average weight male rider.

The fact that this range is coupled with a sub £1k price tag is astonishing - the Fiido L3 has to be one of the best value electric bikes for sale in the UK.

14-inch wheels on the Fiido L3

There are some things you don’t get at this price point. The wheels are 14-inch, which is quite small although the ride on this was pretty stable. Initial acceleration isn’t the best due to its cadence sensor. And it only has a single gear for manual cycling. But at this price, it's a bargain.

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The Fiido L3 In detail

Weight and folding

At 24kg including its big battery, it’s not the lightest or the heaviest folding bike out there. It does, however, have a really nice handle as part of the frame that makes it very simple to lift.

Lifting the L3

And it’s nicely compact - it takes up less room than most ebikes, in both folded and unfolded state.

Folding is fairly simple to do, and only takes a couple of seconds. There’s no latch to keep it folded, though, so you can’t wheel it easily. So like many more expensive models, this is a bike to fold for storage not for carrying on public transport.

Power and ride

My favourite thing about the compact Fiido L3 is the ride position. Its wide handlebars and adjustable front stem allow you to keep a straight back, whilst also maintaining good control of the bike, and keeping good peripheral visibility.

A balanced weight distribution and wide handlebars means the bike handles well, especially suited for the tight turns often required of city riding. Because the riding position offers such good visibility, I actually feel less vulnerable on the Fiido L3 than I do on a standard road bike.

And despite the low price point, there aren’t any comfort compromises. In fact, the opposite. The bike is very comfortable to ride thanks to its cushioned seat, which sits on a spring suspension. It’s not actually a saddle - it’s more like a bar stool. This brings an enormous amount of comfort for a bicycle.

Fiido L3 seat on spring suspension

Some foldable bikes with under 20-inch wheels can feel a little unstable, but I felt in good control of the L3. For its price point, I am bowled over by what Fiido have managed to achieve with this bike.

One drawback is that it’s single geared, so if you do want to cycle fast manually you have to pedal at a very fast rate.

Also it has a cadence sensor. This takes a short while to kick in when you set off so there’s a slight delay in terms of the assist when you turn the pedal. This is one of the ways Fiido has kept the price down - you don’t get the more responsive torque sensor that you find on pricier bikes. Once it’s kicked in, it does reach the top speed fairly quickly though.

Fiido L3 front wheel brake cable

Finally, the brakes are pretty sharp. Watch out as well - the front is controlled by the left handle and the back brakes by the right.

This is the opposite way round to standard UK bikes so we'd recommend you switch them round (which is a simple DIY job).


You can’t miss the monster 1000wh battery - so it’s a good feature that it is removable through a key ignition.

Removing the Fiido L3 battery

This means you can lock the bike up outdoors without fear of its most valuable component falling into the hands of would-be thieves.

The rear pannier rack has been a bit of a gamechanger too. The payload capacity on the Fiido L3 is 120kg, so I can chuck a heavy bag on the pannier rack and still have enough power to get around town without any hard pedaling.

Outside the UK, you can use a throttle on this bike. It has a really nice feature whereby if you hold it for more than a few seconds it will switch on cruise control automatically and you can let go.

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