MiRider One with reviewer Eilis Barrett

MiRider One review: powerful and compact

December 04, 2023Electro Heads

Overall rating 5 stars

The Mirider One, £1,599, is a feature-packed folding electric bike that boasts a lot of desirable assets for an urban commuter. It may be one of our most expensive compact folders, but does it warrant the price tag? Let’s find out...

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Good for

  • Commuters
  • Anyone needing range, comfort or portability


  • Comfortable ride
  • Accomodates smaller riders (5ft and up)
  • Made in UK, built by one technician
  • Range up to 45 miles
  • Folds to an impressively small size
  • Lots of power
  • Clear and bright display
  • Ergo handle grips
  • Rear suspension for added comfort
  • Thumb throttle for instant assist


  • No gears 
  • Not cheap
  • Weighty for a folding bike
  • Not much handlebar space for phone mount
  • Motor a touch noisy
MiRider One folded

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Expert verdict

The Mirider One is a powerful, compact folder that feels much better than such a small frame should. Despite its size, the One caters to an impressive rider height (5’0 to 6’4), feels strong when faced with rickety roads and is notably comfortable.

It’s also easy to fold and comes with secure magnets on the hubs so you can hop off, fold up and stash as quickly as you turn on and go. The motor does hum louder than other electric bikes on the market, however I personally don’t find this to be an issue. Its performance will leave you forgetting about any background noise.

To top it off, it comes with a strong choice of looks with the available colourways, so you can make your commute an expression of your preferred colour.

If a Brompton doesn’t quite cut it for you, but you’re still in need of a 16 inch ride, the Mirider is a stellar commuter alternative choice - built to be robust but also offers portability, performs well and designed with comfort in mind for longer rides. If you want to go off-road, however, I’d recommend going for a bigger wheeled folder that can help keep you stable - like the ADO Air 20.


Overall rating 5 stars
Components and build quality 5 stars
Safety and security 5 stars
Performance and handling 5 stars
Comfort and practicality 4 stars


Motor Geared brushless rear hub motor
Nominal Power 250 W (UK legal limit) with 40 nm of torque
Pedal Assist Top Speed 25 km/h or 15.5 mph (UK legal limit)
Battery Type Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells
Battery Specs 36 v 7 Ah / 252 Wh
Brakes Shimano tektro 180mm disc brakes
Battery Features Removable and lockable (chargeable inside or off the bike)
Max Range Up to 72 km or 45 miles (based on power level 1, average pace, rider weight and even terrain)
Climbing Angle 25 degrees maximum (based on average rider weight)
Charge Time 2-3 hours (using 42 v, 2.0 A UK charger supplied)
Display Multi-function LCD back-lit
Controller Sine-wave Torque Simulation KT Controller compliant with all UK legal parameters
Dash board readouts Speed (km/h or mph), distance travelled ODO/trip (miles/km), battery % level, pedal assistance level, Led headlight (on/off)
Pedal Assist 5 levels
Frame/Fork Full integrated magnesium alloy
Accessories Included Front/rear mudguards, Front LED light, rear reflector, folding pedals, kickstand & stabiliser wheel, wheel magnets for secure folding, adjustable folding strap & battery charger
Folded & Unfolded Dimensions 770*430*680 mm / 1340*575*1100 mm
Brakes Front and rear Clarks CMD-24 disk brakes
Comfort Rear spring damper Tyres Schwalbe Green Compound Road Cruiser 16 x 1.75" with reflective side walls
Wheels 16” wheels with aero rims and a MiRiDER designed 1 piece front hub
Chain KMC e-bike specific
Total Approximate Weight Fully Equipped 17.3 kg
Maximum Recommended Rider Weight 120 kg
Rider Height 152 cm - 195 cm / 5'0 - 6'4
Road Legal Worldwide
Optional Accessories Additional battery, pannier rack, storage bag, pannier bag, phone holder and more

MiRider One rear mudguard

Components and build quality

5 stars

Overall, the Mirider feels solid and well built. The magnesium frame can withstand up to 120kg in rider weight and is weather-proofed to keep all the inner components dry.

The release levers that fold and unfold all feel robustly in place, the joiners respond smoothly, yet with not too much resistance for an easy fold. The pedals fold and give a satisfying click to indicate you’ve completed your move. And I found the kickstand, despite its small stature, supports the 17.3kg weight of the bike very well. It’s solidly connected to the bike and well sized so it doesn’t leave it standing at a wonky angle.

MiRider One display screen

The screen is more basic than on other ebikes at this price point, but if you like a plain and simple design for a display then this tells you everything you need to know. 

Mirider prides themselves on the quality of their build. All MiRider bikes are made in their Wigan factory and have a quality check sticker, signed by the very person in the factory who built the bike so you can hold then accountable (great job on this build, John!!!) From my experience with the bike I’ve had no issues.

MiRider One sticker

Safety and security

5 stars

Folding electric bikes need to have secure and easy to use magnets so that the bike can stay folded when you’re lifting and storing.

This becomes particularly crucial if you want to store it in a moving motorhome or canal boat. MiRider has done an excellent job in using secure magnets that you can feel confident about. If anything I found the magnet is a touch too strong!!

MiRider One magnets

The British assembly of this bike keeps British weather in mind with weather proofing to protect the battery and electrical components. The battery itself is Samsung 18650 Lithium-Ion Cells and comes with a battery management system to protect the battery from operating outside its safe operating area, monitoring its state, and balancing it.

The Mirider’s assist is fairly rapid in response, but an added feature that I found improved my safety whilst out on the roads is the thumb throttle. This provides a powerful boost that pits me into first position when the traffic light goes green.

Not only is this really fun, but it also means I could easily get into a safe position and away from impatient drivers that like to drive as close as possible to you if you’re not accelerating at their pace. If you’re wondering if this throttle is legal in the UK, jump down to the ‘Performance and Handling’ section to hear more.

Built in reflectors, an integrated front light and lock for the removable battery all come included. If you want to feel extra visible (and also look dope) then the orange colourway really pops on the grey roads and green fields you could be traversing.

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Performance and handling

5 stars

The MiRider may be small, but it also delivers a mighty boost of assistance when in a higher level of assist.

The 250w rear hub motor can deliver up to 40nm of torque which was ample in all my times out on the roads. MiRider claims this ebike can climb up to a 25 degree angle. I’ve tested it on 8 degrees and it has powered me up, wonderfully. Bearing in mind I weigh about 64kg, the heavier rider you are, the less power the bike will have at steeper inclines. Max rider weight for the One is 120kg.

I already mentioned the handy thumb throttle that comes with this tiny ebike and rest assured the thumb throttle IS legal and only works when you’re pedalling. It's a great idea as it gives an added boost that quickly gets you up to the max speed of 15.5mph, in line with UK regulations. The thumb throttle will not work if you are not pedalling. This is the difference between a legal throttle and an illegal throttle.

MiRider One handle

I found this throttle feature to be particularly handy when climbing a hill to release the amount of resistance and make the climb an all over more pleasant (and fun) experience. It also works wonders if you want to be the first off at the traffic lights to move into a safe position on the road when faster vehicles want to get through.

Handling can be twitchy, which is to be expected from a 16 inch wheeled ebike. If you’re used to a smaller wheel then this won’t concern you. I, however, am much more comfortable and confident with a bigger wheel size. 16 Inch wheels are generally the smallest size of bike wheel you get on adult bikes. Whilst they deliver a compact folded size, this does sacrifice the ride quality as a result. The handling is different and you need to be well versed with how to manage a smaller wheel with potholes and debris that can create more of a challenge with stability.

MiRider One wheel

The turning radius and wheelbase is small, so it does mean overly sensitive steering. The Mirider’s 1.75inch wide tyres help to keep connection with the road. Compared to a brompton tyre which is usually about 1inch wide, this delivers nearly double the width. The tyres performed well on grass and towpaths, but for the latter you will need to keep an eye on loose rocks and rubble. 

Comfort and practicality

4 stars

Although the MiRider may be compact and a little twitchy in its handling, the delivery of electric assist is smooth and consistent. The motor works with the sensor to make sure it boosts you as you start to pedal, making it a very comfortable experience to kickstart the assist. There’s no pushing down with brute force, an issue with some other bikes, just to wake the motor up - it feels very responsive.  And as I said earlier, I’ve been able to completely diminish any resistance for a standing start by using the thumb throttle.

The Mirider boasts a combo of rear suspension, soft touch handlebar grips with anti-fatigue hand rests and a comfortable saddle that gives a plusher feel ride. This combination means that even on rough British roads, I didn't feel hard knocks and vibrations. 

MiRider One suspension

The Mirider also has a well designed geometry making the bike not feel as small as it actually is. As a 5ft10 woman I have struggled to be comfortable on 16 inch wheel bikes as the frame is usually too small for me. However, the mirider allows more room to make a larger stride of the leg without too much bend in the knee. This allows me to pedal harder and manage to push through the 15.5mph limit. 

It’s also very easy to adjust the seat post and handlebar height with a telescopic adjustment design. It’s simple to release and close and stays put. 

With it being a folding bike, the mechanisms are easy to use. No need for studying a ‘how to fold’ video, it simply folds the body, handlebars and pedals. The joints respond with little resistance to make it quick and simple, but feels solidly in place. I can easily fold the MirRider in 10 seconds flat. 

In terms of practicality it’s easy to fold, lift and store thanks to its tiny dimensions. It can be used as either a full blown commuter to get you from door to door, or can be fashioned for the multi-modal life. It can be taken onto a train or bus and once folded not impact other passengers on what can be a very compact carriage.

One nitpick of the Mirider is that the LCD display doesn't tell you the exact battery percentage, instead it uses bars. This leaves you guesstimating how much range you really have. The more expensive three geared version (GB3) shows you the exact voltage so you can see how full or depleted the battery is. I personally prefer this, but it is not the end of the world. The more you ride the bike the more you have an idea of how far you can push it.

In terms of real world range I found I was getting about 25 miles using level 5 assist and the thumb throttle for extra clout when the traffic lights went green. This isn’t the biggest range delivery you’ll find, but, but for a compact ebike it is pretty good.

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Women rider’s verdict

My review, above, is for all riders - as are all bikes. But women riders often ask me specific questions about size, weight and frame. 

The MiRider One is definitely a bike I’d recommend to women. At 17.3kg, it’s easy to pick up and fold, it’s got a really simple set up so you can jump on and go. I also think it looks cool and stands out from most other folders.

The upside of the MiRider being smaller is that it is great for storing and caters to a smaller rider height (5ft+) and the frame is easy to get your leg over in a dress or skirt. The only downsize is there's no basket for handbags.