Synch Long Tail Monkey review – “A ride so good you can take a friend”

Synch Long Tail Monkey review – “A ride so good you can take a friend”

March 09, 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The Synch Long Tail Monkey is a two-seater cruiser electric bike built with style, comfort and practicality in mind. Not to mention quality, hand-built to perfection in the South West of the UK, this isn’t white-labelled goods, this is gold-star e-bike brilliance.

The Long Tail Monkey achieves the fun of riding an electric bike in a stunning retro-cruiser frame with fat tyres to boot – not to mention it’s a ride so good you’ll want to, and can, take a friend with you thanks to the extended saddle bench. Every ride needs a DJ or someone to help with directions.

With prices starting at £1,999 before any additions, the Long Tail Monkey is the competitor Super73 didn’t need, it can do it all.

Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike in our office

Good for:

  • City, off-road, and beach riding
  • Everyday use, leisure rides or taking on holiday
  • Carrying shopping, or other cargo trips
  • Those looking for a 'second car'


  • INSANELY comfortable
  • Two seats, take a pal!
  • Different colour options and customisability
  • Free shipping in the UK


  • You won’t be able to stop riding and therefore will need to clear your diary for the foreseeable.

Expert verdict:

The Synch Long Tail Monkey is easily the most comfortable and enjoyable electric cruiser bike you’ll find on the market, this thing is a joy to ride. I couldn’t think of a e-bike that provides a more secure and satisfying ride experience, for both rider and passenger.

What really stood out to me was the attention to detail, this bike is designed to make everything as easy, straightforward and stress-free as possible – whether that was the tapered saddle design, the easy-to-read screen, or the synthetic leather handlebars, everything about the Long Tail Monkey is geared towards maximising the joy of riding an electric bike.

I think that every time a member of the Ride and Review team at Electroheads took this out for a ride, be it with or without a passenger, they spent the whole time smiling and came back laughing – I know I did.

The Synch Long Tail Monkey is fully deserving of our perfect five star rating, it seems this bike is literally fabricated from dreams.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings


Max speed 15.5 mph (250W) / 23-25 mph
Max distance 25 - 35 miles
Motor power 250W or 750W
Speed modes 5
Cruise control N/A
Charging time 4-5 hours
Battery type / capacity 36V / 15AH
Removable battery Yes
Sensor Cadence
Water resistance IP65
Suspension Front forks
Wheel type Fat- tyre
Wheel size 20"
Weight 25kg
Maximum load 125kg
Recommended age 14+
Gears Shimano 7-speed
Brakes Tektro E350 Hydraulic brakes
Suspension Front forks
Display UKS2 Colour

In detail:


The Synch Long Tail Monkey has a 250W motor as standard, matching the legal limit in the UK, and delivers smooth but punchy power delivery to help you shift all 25kg of bike (plus rider and passenger). It’s very predictable, and I found it didn’t require too much pedal rotation to engage the cadence sensor system and provide that electric assistance – particularly handy if you’re trying to get you and your pal off the line from a red light.

Pedal assistance can be controlled through five different speed modes, which is really handy depending on the terrain and also what you’re carrying – I found that I could happily cruise along in mode three, and Eilis used modes three and four when she used the Long Tail for her morning commute with friend Holly.

Reviewer with Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

The Long Tail Monkey also features a 7-speed Shimano gear set, allowing you to find the right gear to cruise along the flats and tackle any ups and downs. To add to the point above, I found it was best to shift down a couple of gears when coming to a stop, just to double the help when pulling away and accessing that electric assistance sooner.

From a single charge it’s estimated you can get between 25-35 miles (40-56km) from a single charge, depending on the power mode you’re using most and the total load weight. I think that’s more than enough to get you to the beach, drop the kids or a friend off, or take you and your cargo to and from work – plus with a charge time of 4-5 hours, you’ll be back on your way in no time.

Worth mentioning that there is a 750W version available, for off-road use or for use in countries that allow larger electric motors on the road – we advise checking the legislation in your region.


Comfort and Handling

This is the part of the review where the Synch Long Tail Monkey really shines, in fact it’s so good I’m not quite sure where to begin.

Ok, how about we start with one of the standout features – the saddle. Often on cruiser e-bikes like this, I’ve found you can get a nasty rub on your inner leg from the oblong-shaped saddle and upper-seam – but I’m pleased to write that the Long Tail Monkey is free of this ride-wrecking symptom.

Reviewer with saddle of Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

The saddle has a tapered design, allowing your legs to move up and down freely as you pedal, and the subtle single seam is nowhere near pronounced enough to cause discomfort. In conversation with the Ride and Review team this element of the design was extremely popular.

The same can be said for the passenger seat as well, which is made from the same material and also features subtle seam-work to make sure your rear end is enjoying itself too – it also features two foot pegs for the passenger to rest their feet.

Arguably the most influential spec that makes the Long Tail Monkey an extremely comfortable ride is the front suspension. The lockable fork setup looks at bumps, lumps and imperfections in the road surface and lets out the biggest belly laugh – this thing fears no pothole peril.

I found when riding the Long Tail around that the handlebars remained steady and I didn’t suffer and rattle through my hands. This gave me the confidence to push on riding and I could happily ride longer distances without concern. It’s also at increased importance when considering you may have a passenger with you, helping save both of you from experiencing extensive road-rattle.

Reviewer with suspension of Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

Of course one of the biggest features of the Long Tail monkey is the super fat, Kenda Krusade 20”tyres which provide ample grip across all surfaces in addition to providing another layer of suspension to create a super smooth ride. I found these tyres were perfect for tackling rough or off-road terrain, but crucially aren’t so knobbly that they impact the ride experience when on the road or cycle path.

An additional characteristic that really enhances the ride experience is the wide handlebars, which encourage a more relaxed ride. I found I wasn’t tucked it, or bent over with my head down, instead the Long Tail Monkey really promotes an upright and ‘take it as it comes’ ride style which is safer, more comfortable, and significantly more enjoyable – and they’re made from a really nice faux-leather material than makes them super comfortable to hold onto.

Reviewer pointing at tyres on Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike


The Synch Long Tail Monkey has Tektro hydraulic disc brakes on the front and rear, giving ample stopping power, which you need when you’re potentially riding carrying up to 120kg of people and things, as well as the 25kg of bike.

I found the brakes were really responsive, but also allowed for controlled input, allowing me to slow the bike down as much or as little as I liked to take corners, or as I approached junctions.

Reviewer pointing at brakes on Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike


The Synch Long Tail Monkey features a super bright front and rear light, both of which are easy to operate and easy to see at night. The round front light is activated via the control panel on the left handlebar, and its design really adds to the retro cruiser vibe whilst ultimately being a practical and safety-enhancing feature. The rear light sits just under the saddle and is activated via a switch like your typical road bike attachment.

Reviewer pointing at front light on Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

Removable batteries are great for safety and security reasons, and so the Long Tail Monkey scored more points in our rating for its removable 36V 15Ah set up. Easily disconnected from the down tube, the battery can be taken inside and charged safely, or stop pesky thieves from getting their hands on your bike.

The Long Tail Monkey is already a super practical electric bike, but Synch can upgrade your order to make it even more fit-for-work with a luggage rack which could easily carry a shopping bag or your personal belongings inside the centre of the frame.

Reviewer removing battery from Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

One of the key points I’d like to point out about the Long Tail is, naturally, it’s a little bit bigger and heavier than other electric bikes. For practical reasons that makes it a little more difficult to move around, carry through doors or in to/out of a shed, so I wouldn’t advise this if you live in a 16th storey flat and need to store the bike in your property.

Whilst it might not be the most practical in that one regard, this is almost an electric moped, and when you’re riding I found it did give me so much confidence when out on the road. That presence out in public, whilst not a tangible feature, is definitely something I wanted to mention.

I really liked the bright display in the middle of the handlebars on the Long Tail Monkey – I found it really easy to read and to navigate using the control panel on the left handlebar, so I could easily cycle through data, view my current pedal assist mode, and see what remaining range I had left.

Reviewer pointing at display on Synch Long Tail Monkey electric bike

And last but not least, the looks. Come on, does it get much cooler than this? The Synch range are already a super attractive bunch of electric bikes, but there’s just something about that longer saddle that really enhances the vibe of this bike. Totally rad man.

For £1,999, this could be your next daily rider, holiday cruiser, or weekend run-around. Why bother with a car when you’ve got the Long Tail Monkey? You’d look far cooler riding this than driving that smelly 2006 Vauxhall Corsa you’ve been driving for the last ten years. Come on, do the right thing.