E-Dash LE1 review - "Everything an electric scooter should be"

E-Dash LE1 review - "Everything an electric scooter should be"

March 10, 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The E-Dash LE1 is a practical, reliable and affordable electric scooter that is perfect for urban riding, daily trips, and for those looking to buy a scooter on a budget.

It does everything an electric scooter should do, and does it well – the LE1 is will easily get you to the shops, take in the sights on a leisurely weekend ride, and or be your daily rider to work, university, or the station as part of your commute.

The LE1 is also really good value for money, at only £399 on the Electroheads store, it might just be one of the best scooters out there for less than £500.

Reviewer carrying E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

Good for:

  • Beginner riders
  • Budget concerns
  • Daily riding
  • Urban and city use


  • Great value for money
  • Folds and can be carried (only 13kg)
  • Removable battery for easy charging
  • Great range
  • No fuss, easy to ride


  • Only available in one colour option

Expert verdict:

The E-Dash LE1 is the benchmark when it comes to an electric scooter, it’s straightforward, easy to use and doesn’t come with any of those frilly bits which can be a little bit off-putting at times with more expensive scooters. If I was, or any of my friends or family, in the market for an electric scooter to use every day, I don’t think I’d look much further than the LE1.

I think that simplicity of the ride, performance, and componentry allows anyone to enjoy what it means to ride electric; the LE1 allows you to access a new way of transportation without the scary financial commitments or confusing apps and features. Switch it on, ride off.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings

This is an electric scooter I could see myself riding every day to the Electroheads office, or to the train station, or quite simply round the corner to see my Nan. Hi Nan, if you’re reading this.

And, in all honesty, the real big selling point for me was the price. Electric scooters (and life in general) can be really expensive and seem quite out of reach, but that £399 price tag should be very appealing to anyone looking to get their hands on an e-ride.


Max speed 20mph (32km/h)
Max distance 28 miles (45km)
Motor type Front hub
Motor power 350W
Speed modes Three (Eco, comfort, sport)
Cruise control Yes
Charging time 4 - 5hours
Battery type / capacity Lithium ion 36V 10Ah
Removable battery Yes
Hill incline 15 degrees
Water resistance IP54
Wheel type Inflatable
Wheel size 10"
Weight 15kg
Foldable Yes
Folded dimensions 108 x 42 x 46 cm
Unfolded dimensions 108 x 42 x 119 cm
Maximum load 125kg
Brakes system Disc, electronic and foot
Ground clearance 11.5cm
Front light White LED
Rear light Red LED
Bell Yes

In detail:


The E-Dash LE1 produces predictable, practical and most importantly enjoyable performance, it’s a pleasure to ride. The 350W front-hub motor offers a maximum speed of 20mph/32km/h depending on which of the three speed modes you are using.

I’m no speed demon, but I really enjoyed using the Sport setting when riding the LE1. If you wanted to take in the scenery or are a less confident rider, then the Eco and Comfort settings are available to suit your taste.

At only 15kg it’s definitely a lightweight electric scooter, meaning it was quick off the mark and easy to swing into corners. The low weight really allowed the motor to deliver its power easily and had the ability to keep you whizzing along without any issues – it also helps the LE1 deliver more range, up to 28 miles (45km) from the 36V, 10Ah battery.

Yep, you read that right. The E-Dash LE1 offers up to 28 miles of range, which I’d say is one of the best for this price bracket. That’s almost double what you might find from the Riley RS1, or double that of the Decent One.

Comfort and Handling

The E-Dash LE1 is a comfortable scooter to ride, and highlights the quality of this scooter is not sacrificed for that £399 price tag. I could very easily use this everyday without concerns I’d rattle myself into oblivion like you can do on other scooters.

Reviewer points at tyres on E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

The smooth and pleasant ride experience is largely down to the 10” pneumatic tyres which I found did a great job of ironing out the bumps in the road and ensuring you didn’t get any of that annoying deck rattle through your feet, allowing me to keep on riding. There’s no suspension on the LE1, but I found the tyres more than make up for that.

Those tyres not only help make your ride as smooth as possible, but give you the grip and ultimately the confidence in every turn – you never feel out of control and that allows you to relax and enjoy the ride.

The rubber deck was OK when I was riding. The deck has a rubber top which has a simple design, however the blue branding in the middle-rear of the deck can I found made your back foot feel a little slippy whilst riding – especially if the soles of your shoes are wet. Ideally I’d really like to see electric scooters at this end of the market ditch the lifeless rubber for a slightly chunkier design or some skateboard-style grip tape.

Reviewer points at deck on E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

The deck is smaller than that on the Techtron Ultra 5000 or 8TEV B12 Proxi, but ultimately that slimmer packaging makes it more appealing for the commuter or just makes things a little bit easier for storage.

I know this might sound like a picky point to make, but I wasn’t a massive fan of the handlebar rubber design – this isn’t something that has cost the LE1 and stars in our ratings, and I do think if you were riding with gloves on you wouldn’t notice.

Reviewer points at handlebars on E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

What I thought really made a difference to the ride quality of the LE1 was the weight. At only 15kg you obviously get a load of performance benefits, but when it comes to the experience whilst riding, the lighter weight makes everything a lot easier. I never felt like I had to commit to corners in order to get the weight shifted, nor did I feel that I suffered any handling issues because of it being lightweight – if anything the weight allowed me to relax and cruise along quite happily.


The E-Dash LE1 features three different braking systems which all work in their own way to ensure a safe and controlled ride.

The first is an old-school fender brake on the rear wheel. If you rode an ankle-smashing Razor scooter when you were younger then you’ll know what this is – simply use your rear foot to push down the enforced fender over the back wheel and you’ll help the scooter come to a stop. Whilst a great addition for slowing down as quickly as possible, I found I never used the fender brake whilst riding the LE1 – but it’s good to know it’s there.

Secondly you have the rear disc brake which is activated via a lever on the handlebars. Like a brake you’d find on a bike, the disc brake is super effective and was my go-to for monitoring speed and coming to a stop quickly. I didn’t experience extreme locking of the rear brake, even when giving it a really good pull.

Reviewer points at brakes on E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

And finally the LE1 has an e-ABS system on the front wheel – it sounds fancy and I think it is definitely a useful addition to the scooter. The system regenerates power for the battery as you’re coasting, meaning that if you are riding downhill and off-throttle, or you’re just rolling to a stop, the e-ABS will slow you down gradually. It’s passive, so you don’t have to press any buttons or pull any levers, and it should work to provide you with more range.


One of my favourite features on the E-Dash LE1 is the removable battery. This is not only extremely practical – allowing you to take the battery with you inside, or to your desk, and charge wherever you are – but also decreases the likelihood of pesky e-ride thieves getting their hands on your scooter.

At Electroheads we love it when an e-ride has a removable battery from the safety aspect, you can remove the battery and charge it in a fireproof bag or box – which we highly recommend.

Reviewer removing battery from E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

E-Dash also suggest buying a second battery pack and having that at your disposal to help you keep riding or just to have at hand in case of an emergency – why not extend those e-ride adventures?

The E-Dash LE1 folds down very well, making it perfect for commuting or for storage at home, the office, or in the boot of your car. A single hinge at the foot of the stem is simply unlocked and the LE1 folds in half.

I particularly liked that the folding mechanism locked into the rear fender, allowing the LE1 to be easily carried by your side – and at only 13kg in weight I found it was super easy to move around.

Reviewer folding the E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

The LE1 also features a very bright front light, which is activated via the buttons on the throttle, and a rear light which also brightens as soon as you hit the brakes. I found the brake light was very reactive to even the slightest of brake movements, and is visible during the day. I also liked the reflective strips on the front and rear wheel supports just to enhance that visibility in the dark.

Reviewer points at front light on E-Dash LE1 electric scooter

Overall the E-Dash LE1 features everything an electric scooter should – it performs really well, offers brilliant range, and will have you eager to get on your next journey and enjoy riding electric. Whether you’re looking for your first scooter, or an upgrade, or you just want to stop taking the car everywhere you go, this is the scooter for you.