Inokim Quick 4 Super Review - “The gateway to performance e-scooters”

Inokim Quick 4 Super Review - “The gateway to performance e-scooters”

March 07, 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The Inokim Quick 4 Super is a performance electric scooter built for those who love to experience the power of electric mobility, and go fast. Like really fast. But also if you’re new to the performance electric scooter market and you’re looking for an intermediate option then look no further.

This scooter will impress even the seasoned rider with its performance, handling ability and its features – and if you’re bored of every scooter being produced in the same cut-and-paste black styling, the Quick 4 Super’s sleek silver lines might turn your head.

It might not be the fastest scooter from the Inokim range, but for £1,099 this might just be the most affordable performance electric scooter out there.

Good for:

  • Confident riders
  • Longer journeys
  • Going fast
  • Speed demons


  • It’s fast
  • Great range, 36-44 miles
  • Folds down for easier storage
  • Soft suspension


  • Takes some time to get used to performance
  • Heavy, 21kg
  • Some rattles and movement from components

Expert verdict:

The Inokim Quick 4 Super is the most exhilarating electric scooter I’ve had the joy of riding so far – and I think it’s going to take something to beat it. I remember getting on the Quick 4 Super for my first ride and genuinely laughing as the speed climbed.

It’s extremely responsive, and feels like a scooter built with ultimate performance in mind, but I could see this being a great scooter for someone who needs usability. Need to get around your town? Want to bomb along the sea-front? Plan on ripping through countryside passes? This scooter could do it all – performance, practicality and leisure (Depending on what your idea of leisure is).


Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall star ratings


Not only is it quick, I found this scooter to be comfortable and I could very easily ride this daily and for extended periods of time if necessary. That being said, I would recommend that less confident riders make sure to take their time getting up to speed on the Quick 4 Super, or look for a slightly less punchy ride, just to be safe.

The Ride and Review team here at Electroheads awarded the Inokim Quick 4 Super a four star rating, scoring fours across the board in our classification. Where it maybe bore questions in build quality, it more than made up for it in overall features, performance and fun.

Our reviewer with Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter


Max speed 25mph
Max distance 35 miles
Motor power 600W
Speed modes Eco / Sport / Turbo
Cruise control Yes
Charging time 7 hours
Battery type / capacity 52V 16Ah (SAMSUNG)
Water resistance Yes
Suspension Yes
Wheel type Pneumatic
Wheel size 10"
Weight 21.5 KG
Foldable Yes
Folded dimensions 110*55*25 cm
Unfolded dimensions 113*57*120 cm
Maximum load 120 KG
Recommended age 16+
Brakes system Front and rear drum brake
Kick stand Yes - adjustable kickstand
Handlebar grips Rubber
Front light Yes
Rear light Yes
Bell Yes
Mudguards Yes

In detail:


If you’ve read the opening couple of sections of this interview you’ll be aware that the Inokim Quick 4 Super is a performance scooter, and I think it really does fit the bill.

From the moment I pulled away for the first time and the 600W motor kicked in, I was completely amazed by just how fast this scooter is. The power delivery is instant, and I found that the scooter was up to speed and traveling very quickly – even at times where I had the thumb-throttle fully pressed the scooter didn’t show any signs of clipping or losing power.

With a top speed of 25 mph (40km/h) the Quick 4 Super could very easily overtake cyclists and other e-scooter riders all whilst providing a predictable ride.

The Quick 4 Super has two power modes, Turbo and Sport, with the latter offering more power and accessing the higher performance characteristics – I found that Turbo still displayed what the scooter had to offer.

An important factor in the speed of the Quick 4 Super is the refined design that makes it lighter than most performance electric scooters. Weighing in at 21kg it is heavier than your average electric scooter, and is almost the same weight as most electric bikes, but that is still around 10-15kg lighter than the competition. Having that lighter frame does enable the Quick 4 Super to deploy its power and maintain speed.

It also helps reach a very enticing maximum range of 35 miles (56km), which opens doors to packing the scooter up and taking it on holiday, enjoying longer leisure rides, or makes it an option for those with a slightly longer commute that a lightweight urban scooter would not achieve.

Again I would advise less confident or novice riders to take it easy when first riding this scooter and not applying 100% throttle immediately – it’s very easy to lift the front wheel and find yourself unable to steer or off-balance.


Comfort and Handling

In a fast electric scooter like the Inokim Quick 4 Super you’d expect comfort and handling to suffer at the expense of boosting overall performance, but the reality is this scooter is still capable of providing a good ride experience.

Reviewer with tyres of Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter

The 10” pneumatic tyres provide great grip and the ability to carry speed through corners – it was a rarity that I experienced any slips or slides, and never had wheelspin when pulling away even on damp surfaces. I also think the tyres helped provide that first suspension input, helping influence the effect of bumps before the suspension is required to lend a hand.

The Quick 4 Super features both front and rear suspension, which opens up the possibility of riding the scooter both on and off-road. I tested the Quick 4 Super over some pretty aggressive cobblestone outside the Electroheads office, just to see how the suspension would fare, and whilst it definitely reduced the bumpiness of the ride it wasn’t capable of absorbing all the bumps. I’m not sure whether it’s the particular style of suspension, but at times you could get this strange sinking movement through the footplate – this wasn’t dangerous, nor would it impact my eagerness to get back on the scooter, but it was a sensation noted by the rest of the Ride and Review team.

Reviewer standing on Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter

The large 51V 13Ah battery is stored directly under the deck, keeping the weight of the scooter as low to the ground as possible to ensure an agile and stable ride – additionally this means the deck is nice and wide, allowing you to plant both feet securely on its surface.

I also think that a key factor impacting the comfort and potentially therefore the ride quality of the scooter is its built to be lightweight (in comparison to performance scooters) and folding. The Quick 4 Super is one of the lightest electric scooters offering this level of performance on the market, and the efforts to reduce the weight in the materials used in the frame, and the folding mechanisms, may have just allowed those bumps to be felt more so through the handlebars and footplate.


The Quick 4 Super features a front drum brake and a rear disc brake, which is somewhat disappointing considering that even some cheap commuter scooters have front and rear disc brakes – that being said, the brakes were not unsatisfactory in terms of their stopping ability.

I was capable of slowing down immediately, and I found myself reaching for that strong rear disc brake to help bring me to a stop or just to use a bit of brake before a corner.

The brake componentry is from Tektro, which isn’t the most premium of brands but is almost definitely better than having unnamed and therefore uncertain features on the scooter – on a performance electric scooter like the Quick 4 Super, you definitely wouldn’t want to find yourself unable to stop.


The Inokim Quick 4 Super features both front and rear lights which can be activated through the buttons on the left handle. I really liked how the front lights were integrated into the leading corners of the footplate, however I would have liked an additional light on the stem or handlebars to ensure visibility to others at all times. When turning corners, the front wheel can block out one of these lights, leading to a momentary reduction in visibility – nothing terrible but something to bear in mind if you plan on getting around after dark.

Reviewer point at front lights of Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter

I really liked the fact that the lights flashed when braking, particularly the red, rear light which would be very visible to anyone else around you. In the future (near future please UK Gov) when scooters like this are legal to ride on public roads, features like this are likely to be vital to ensuring safety when on a ride.

The Quick 4 Super has a large and bright display located in the middle of the handlebars. You can read your current speed, power mode, the current time, distance travelled, remaining range and even more – for a stats-tracking nerd like me, I really loved being able to keep tabs of how far I’d ridden or how quick I was going.

Reviewer highlights display on Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter

My only bugbear with the display was that it lacks any colours or bold segments, meaning that whilst you are riding – and often at speed – I found it difficult to glance down and pick up information on the go. I’d either have to come to a stop or make an effort to slow down in order to read it properly or maybe cycle a setting.

This is definitely something that I would get used to and better at with more time on the scooter, but I thought it was worth noting.

What really sets the Quick 4 Super apart from its competitors and other performance scooters is that it folds in half. This makes it so much more appealing to the intermediate or novice rider who might want to use the scooter for multiple purposes – it really opens up the practicality of this scooter to be used for commuting, storing easily at home for weekend leisure rides, or for packing into a car boot or caravan for a holiday.

The folding mechanism is at the front of the footplate, and folds the scooter in half with some space between the deck and stem. I had some issues with a slightly stubborn release system that took some convincing before I was able to fold it, but I’m sure that after multiple uses and some practice with the system it would ease up a bit. I found that the handle just infront of the rear wheel also helped me lift it without folding.

Reviewer displaying handle of Inokim Quick 4 Super electric scooter

One of the points made by the Ride and Review team was that any potential purchaser of the Inokim Quick 4 Super should pay attention to ensuring accurate assembly of the scooter. Now you might think that’s an obvious one, but in our time with the scooter we had a couple of rattles and issues that were amended by ensuring everything was as tight and correctly located as it could be. I believe that taking your time to guarantee the scooter is as rightly built as possible will negate any annoying issues that ultimately affect your enjoyment of the electric scooter.

The Inokim Quick 4 Super is a fast, enjoyable, and practical performance scooter that acts as the perfect gateway ride for an intermediate or novice rider looking to delve into this side of the market – having ridden it myself I can confidently say that this really is basecamp for performance electric scooters, the journey starts here.