Jeep 2xe camou reviewed by Richard Beech

Jeep Camou 2xe electric scooter review - I was SO wrong

October 18, 2022Richard Beech

Overall rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review by Richard Beech


When I heard Jeep had made a scooter, I assumed it was just a crappy marketing gimmick and it was in my house for weeks before I got round to riding it. I thought it would be soulless.

I was wrong. Very wrong.

Good for

  • Commuters (when legal)
  • Lesiure off-roaders
  • All rounders


  • Great power
  • Amazing ride comfort
  • Cool design
  • Excellent performance for around £800


  • Limited top speed

Expert verdict

Richard on the Jeep 2xe camou

I've ridden dozens of scooters, and this is one of the better ones I've tested at any price bracket. It has nearly everything I look for in a scooter - quick acceleration, sharp brakes, and a soft suspension. It's a scooter I keep coming back to.

It's an excellent all rounder - the thick tyres and dual suspension are great off road and very comfortable on road. It’s designed to be a commuter scooter that’s a cut above the rest and allows for a bit of fun at weekends. And it succeeds.

Not only that, it's one of the best value scooters on market right now. The only drawback is the top speed, which might put some people off. It's not quite fast enough for the biggest thrill seekers.

Jeep 2xe specs

Frame Magnesium alloy
Motor 500W (700 Wmax)
Range Up to 45km
Max gradient  26%
Tyres 10inch
Speed 15.5mph
Charging time Around 5 hours
Brakes Front electronic, rear disc
Max load 100kg
IP rating IPx4 (light rain, wet ground)
Size (open)
1195 x 473 x 1168mm
Size (folded)
1195 x 473 x 515mm
Weight 19kg
Price £800

Jeep Camou 2xe in detail

Ride comfort

What I love more than anything is the outstanding dual suspension. It’s like a magic carpet ride. Smooth, buttery, floaty. You can also bunny hop it by pushing yourself down and using the suspension to bounce up.

The fat tyres also make it a very different ride to a lot of escooters. These plus the suspension mean it can deal with any terrain - I’ve been on grass, gravel and tarmac and it’s soaked everything up. Off road, there's only a small amount of bumping. 

Alongside this, the front wheel motor provides good torque off the line by pulling the rider along. The effect pulls your centre of gravity down from your chest towards the scooter. 

A side affect of its handling is that the 2xe doesn't topple over when stopped or if it's windy at low speeds. This is so stable, the balance point even in the wind is great. You can stay steady on this thing for ages even if you hit potholes.

Speed, power and range

It’s not the fastest, with a top of speed 15mph. The most important thing, though, is the acceleration. The 500W rated motor gets you up to 15mph very quickly.

Richard on the Jeep scooter at an airfield

The other thing I love is that 500W gets me up hills very easily - a lot of 250W motor might go faster but can struggle on hills. This Jeep can deal with gradients above 20%. And even though it's maximum load is 100kg and I’m 95kg, it had no problem accelerating me to top speed.

On top of all that, its range of 45km/h (28 miles) is way, way above the standard range of an e-scooter. So range anxiety is a non-issue with this beast.

Design and build

This was originally a military vehicle and it feels like the two front lights should be guns. Even without any firepower, if you got in a crash, it feels like the other side would come off worse. This is robust.

Having said that, it's obviously designed for commuting.  Apart from ... why does it have camouflage colouring?

The other design point I like is the bullbars, which remind me of classic jeep SUVs.

2xe bullbars


Jeep have also developed an app (available on Google Play and App Store), that will give you the real-time location of your vehicle, as well as providing performance data, and providing chat assistance.

The 2xe has a mechanical rear brake and an electric front one. The combo gives excellent stopping distance even from top speed.

It's water resistant to Ipx4 so you can’t ride it in pouring rain but surface water is fine. The front and rear wheel mudguards will stop you getting splashed if you do ride in the wet

Finally, it has cruise control so you can ride with one hand. I quite like it, especially at top speed where you just want to hold it on a long straight. It also allows nice smooth carving.

Buy the Jeep Camou 2xe electric scooter for under £800.

The Jeep 2xe camou reviewed in the wet