TAUR Electric Scooter is like NOTHING I've ridden before

TAUR Electric Scooter is like NOTHING I've ridden before

August 31, 2022James Moore

We think we might have found one of the best electric scooters out there – and in just over 17 minutes you’ll think the same.

The TAUR Electric Road Scooter has Eilis and Tyler in complete and utter awe, it’s just got EVERYTHING.


The bits we like

A 500W motor gives this scooter the punchiness to get off the line, but after having ridden it, there really isn't a smoother or more stable ride out there.

The 12.5" Continental tyres offer resistance to even the bumpiest of roads, and unlike conventional scooters the two fold-down footplates allow you to face the way you're travelling. You're not constantly looking over your shoulder, and it feels a much more natural position to be carving the streets or navigating your favourite paths.

Whilst it might look like a hefty construction, and granted this isn't one of those super lightweight commuter scoots, the recycled aluminium frame weighs in at only 17kg – yet it still folds down smoothly, and is easy to carry should you need to take it up a few flights of stairs.

But by far our favourite feature of the TAUR has to be the rider illumination light on the rear. Naturally it comes equipped with front and rear lights to light up where you're going and to show those behind that there's a scooter, but TAUR seem to have been the only folk to think about illuminating the actual person on the scooter. Smaller LEDs are a lot easier to miss than a human lit from below in bright red like a Darth Vader entrance scene.

Video review

Below is our full video on the TAUR, check it out and let us know if you're convinced that this scooter has it all!

We also got to speak to company co-founder Carson Brown about all things e-mobility, and a race along the LA beachfront to see if scooters really are the best way around town.

If you’re interested in TAUR and their story, then click the link to visit their webpage: https://bit.ly/Et4urLh0 🔗