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Techtron Pro 3500 review - accessible and great value for money

September 11, 2023Tim Fullbrook

Overall rating:

The Techtron Pro 3500 is a lightweight, compact, and easy-to-use e-scooter targeted at new or commuter riders. It features all of the same creature comforts as the larger Elite 3500 and the Ultra 5000, but in a slightly smaller frame – and a significantly smaller price tag, a minuscule £299.

The Pro 3500 is built with daily use in mind – and I think it hits that bullseye with ease.

One of our reviewers with the Techtron Pro 3500

Good for:

  • New riders
  • Commuter riders
  • Shorter or younger riders
  • Urban riding


  • Compact frame
  • Easy to use
  • Price!


  • Slightly reduced ride quality
  • Smaller honeycomb tyres (8.5”)
  • Narrow footplate

Expert verdict

The Techtron Pro 3500 is an excellent scooter for young, newbie, or commuter riders. I found it to be a no-fuss, easy-to-use, and practical electric scooter that sits as a perfect gateway e-ride for those looking to electrify their mobility.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall rating

I would go as far as to say this would be my first recommendation to anyone looking to get an e-scooter – and with that price you it’s nigh on impossible to find a competitor that offers more for less.

You don’t need to save for months, remortgage your house or sell your valuable modern art collection, it’s quite simply one of the most accessible electric scooters on the market today.

Pro 3500 front view

That being said, I did have some minor aversions which predominantly revolve around the ride quality which, in comparison to larger or more expensive scooters, I felt was lacking.

The four star rating comes as a result of the simply unbeatable value for money, did I mention it only costs £299?


Max speed 25 km/h
Max distance 25 km
Motor power 350 W (Avg) 700 W (Peak)
Speed modes 2
Cruise control Yes
Charging time 5-6 Hours
Battery capacity 37V 7.5Ah
Hill incline 15%
Water resistance IPX4
Wheel type Puncture-proof honeycomb, anti-skid
Wheel size 8.5" / 25.4cm
Weight 11.8kg
Foldable Yes
Folded dimensions 440 x 1100 mm
Unfolded dimensions 1080 x 1100 mm
Maximum load 120 kg / 19 st
Recommended age 16+ Years
Drive type Front wheel drive
Brakes system E-ABS front brake / rear disc brake
Kick stand Yes
Accelerator control Thumb press
Brake control Lever
Handlebar grips Rubber
Front light LED
Rear light LED
Reflectors Yes
Bell Mechanical
Mudguards Yes

The Techtron Pro 3500 in detail


The Techtron Pro 3500 is far from a performance-based electric scooter – but that isn’t an issue. It offers a simple, predictable and confidence-inspiring ride that will suit anyone.

It features two different power modes, combined with 350W and weighing in at a mere 11.9kg, I felt the Pro 3500 had good pickup and responsiveness, it also has that satisfying ‘nippiness’ (technical term I can assure you).

With a slightly smaller battery than the Elite 3500, 37V 7.5Ah compared to 10Ah, the Pro 3500 offers a maximum range of only 25km/15mi. I do think that’s ever so slightly disappointing, the reality being you’re unlikely to get the quoted range out of any e-ride, so to think you might only get 20km/12mi out of a charge is less than competitive.

However, for many, that will be plenty for your daily mileage – simply charge it up overnight and you’re good to go.

Overall if you’re looking for a white-knuckle ride and something that’s really going to have you hanging on, then you’ll need to look elsewhere, if you’re looking for a daily rider that will get you where you need to be with little hassle, you’re in the right place.

Comfort and handling

I found the Techtron Pro 3500 to be predictable and agile in it’s handling capabilities – it didn’t wow me, but this scooter offers reliable characteristics which is perfect for new or young riders.

The handlebars are of decent width, narrower bars do impact stability, but I felt no issues in riding position with this scooter. Compared to the Elite 3500 it does have a slightly shorter stem, meaning your hands are lower down, your elbows at a 90º angle.

One feature that I think really adds to the riding experience, is the cruise control system. The Pro 3500 isn’t the fastest scooter out there, and so constantly holding your thumb on the throttle can get a bit frustrating after a short ride. Being able to initiate the cruise control system gives you the ability to rest your hand, and ensure you have both hands controlling the scooter.

The honeycomb anti-skid tyres are great for reducing overall maintenance, however I feel they were at great detriment to the quality of the ride.

Quite simply they don’t have the same squishiness (another technical term) as your typical inflated rubber tyre, meaning that you miss out on some of that suspension that a pneumatic tyre provides. For short rides on maintained routes, like cycle paths, this might not be an issue – but when I rode the Pro 3500 on varying qualities of asphalt I found the ‘road rumble’ through the handlebars and footplate to be frustrating after a couple of minutes.

Additionally the footplate/deck I felt was a little too narrow for my liking, and wasn’t as grippy as I liked – however, for someone completing short rides I don’t think this would be a major issue.


Pro 3500 brake lever

The Techtron Pro 3500 features an electric ABS front brake and a mechanical rear disc brake, which is activated via a lever on the handlebars.

I found the brake to be responsive, however the handle did have a slightly larger action than other scooters, making it potentially a little more difficult to activate, even more so if you have smaller hands.


Folding the Pro 3500

The stem of the Techtron Pro 3500 folds down and clips into place, and at only 11.9k it can be easily carried and stored tidily in any home, office or garage. The handlebars clip firmly on to the rear wheel fender allowing you to use the stem as a handle for lifting.

I thought the display was simple, easy to read, and displays all the info necessary whilst riding – if you want to find out more about your e-scooter you can download the Techtron app and find out your total mileage, riding time, and access more features.

The app also displays any sort of error or warning codes to help you diagnose an issue should it arise.

Another feature worth mentioning is the IPX4 safety rating, meaning the Pro 3500 can be ridden in the rain which really makes it a reliable pic for a daily rider – however, I would advise against taking it for a ride through deep puddles.

Pro 3500 light

The In-built front and rear lights are bright, however I’m not too sure how effective the front light would be in the middle of the night as it is smaller than on other scooters.

I also found it slightly difficult to turn on via the only button on the display which requires a certain double-click rhythm to activate. I’m sure after spending more time with the scooter this wouldn’t be an issue.

Display on the 3500

The scooter is available in five different colours, not really an additional feature but it does add to that feeling of ownership. I’m personally a fan of the orange, but the blue is also pretty handsome.