Xiaomi vs Pure electric scooters - four head to heads

Xiaomi vs Pure electric scooters - four head to heads

October 17, 2022Richard Beech

Pure is a UK company founded by entrepreneur Adam Norris which designs its own and focused on electric bikes and scooters - the escooters here are all the upgraded second generation models.

Xiaomi is a Chinese designer and manufacturer of consumer electronics and home appliances. Behind Samsung, it is the second biggest manufacturer of smartphones in the world.

Each company has four models in its escooter range. Let’s put them head to head.

Standard models: Xiaomi 1s vs Pure Air

The Pure Air is the winner here - although the two models are pretty similar, the Air Electric 2nd generation is more water resistant than the 1s. Xiaomi say “we recommend to not drive the E-Scooter on rainy days, bad weather, snow or in general on wet surfaces due to the nature of the vehicle”.

Apart from that, it’s a matter of trade offs. The 1S is lighter, but the Air has bigger wheels and platform, takes a heavier load and has more rated power.

Xiaomi Pure
Mi 1S Air Electric 2nd Gen
Price (£) £449 £449
Range 18.6m (30km) 18.6m (30km)
Tyres (inch) 8.5 10
Weight (kg) 12.5 17
Folded height 49cm 51cm
Max Load (kg) 100kg 120kg
Rated power (W) 250w 500w
Height (mm) 1140 1160
Length (mm) 1080 1190
Width (mm) 430 500

Light escooters: Xiaomi 3 Lite vs Pure Air Go 2nd gen

For a light model, the Xiaomi has the edge, but you’ll pay £80 for the privilege of smaller wheels, less weight and all round smaller size.

However, as is with the 1s the 3 Lite isn't fully waterproof so we make Pure the winner. Choose the 3 Lite if weight and size is a priority and you don't mind the compromise on water resistance, but the Air Go if budget is your main factor.

Xiaomi Pure
Xiaomi 3 Lite Air Go 2nd gen
Price (£) £430 £349
Range 12.5m (20km) 12.5m (20km)
Tyres (inch) 8.5 10
Weight (kg) 13kg 16kg
Folded height 48cm 51cm
Max Load (kg) 100kg 120kg
Rated power (W) 300w 350w
Height (mm) 1105 1190
Length (mm) 1137 1160
Width (mm) 430 500

Pro electric scooters: Xiaomi's Mi Pro 2 vs Pure Air Pro

Similar price, similar range …. It would be another draw except again the Pure model is more water resistant. Pure’s model is also bigger and heavier but that gives you more power and larger wheels.

Xiaomi Pure
Mi Pro 2 Air Pro 2nd gen
Price (£) £599 £599
Range 28m (45km) 31m (50km)
Tyres (inch) 8.5 10
Weight (kg) 14.2 16.5
Folded height 49cm 51cm
Max Load (kg) 100kg 120kg
Rated power (W) 300w 500w
Height (mm) 1180 1190
Length (mm) 1130 1160
Width (mm) 430 500

Premium - Xiaomi 4 pro vs Pure Air Pro

These are the high end models - although there's not an official UK price for the Xiaomi 4 Pro yet. This one’s a draw as well. The models are very similar, although the Air Pro wins on rated power, the 4 Pro is that bit larger if size is what matters. Again, the Pure model is more water resistant.

Xiaomi Pure
Xiaomi 4 pro Air Pro Long Range
Price (£) Not launched yet £749
Range 34m (55km) 37m (60km)
Tyres (inch) 10 10
Weight (kg) 17 17.5
Folder height 51 51
Load (kg) 120 120
Rated power (W) 350w 500w
Height (mm) 1240 1190
Length (mm) 1198 1160
Width 480 500


These are all great electric scooters from two leading companies. The model for you will depend on the trade off between size, wight and comfort.

However, if you want to ride in the UK when it rains, the water resistance of the Xiaomi models lets them down. They are rated only IPX4, which is resistant to splashes of water. Pure on the other hand, are rated as IPX5, the next level up and they cover any rain damage within their warranty.