Riley RS1 Electric Scooter


Usage of e-scooters is not legal on public roads, sidewalks or footpaths in the UK 🇬🇧 For more information, please click here.

The RS1 includes a removal battery pack and a 350W - 36v Motor with 700W peak capacity, allowing speeds of up to 25km/h. The 13kg frame is equipped with a reinforced foldable handlebar chassis.

• Battery: 5Ah
• Charging time: 2 hours
• Motor: 350W - 36v Motor with 700W Peak Capacity
• Max Speed: 25km/h
• Electric power range: 15.5m / 25km
• Max load: 120kg before performance drop

• Expand Size: 1131 x 170 x 1181mm
• Folded size: 1131 x 170 x 485mm
• Weight: 13kg - Aviation Grade Aluminum Alloy
• Color: Gunmetal Grey
• Tyre size: 10"
• Tyre properties: Pneumatic air tyre
• Braking system: Disk brake, E-ABS brake and pedal brake

• Riding modes: Three drive modes
• Light: LED head and tail light system



Perfect for beginners

Never ridden an electric scooter before? Interested in seeing what the fuss is about?

The Riley RS1 is the perfect example of what an e-scooter should be. Practical, quick, and comfortable to ride, the RS1 is a no-fuss, all-fun package that's designed for daily riding.

Get yourself to work, college, or just get out and about at the weekend – anyone can ride the Riley, and everyone will enjoy it.

Lightweight 13kg

Easy to carry

Removable battery

Practical charging

Locking fold mechanism

Store or stow

Highlight features

Three of the coolest features on the Riley RS1
Central display

Central display

The RS1 has a clear, easy-to-read, and neatly packaged display that's built into the bodywork. This means there's no ugly bolt-on module, it's clean, concise, and allows you to read at a glance.
Rear disc brake

Rear disc brake

Responsive rear disc brake helps to manage your speed, as well as help you come to a near-instant stop. There's also front e-ABS and rear fender brakes for added stopping power.
Seven gears

Seven gears

For added safety and visibility at night or in dark conditions, the RS1 has in-built front and rear lights – activated with the push of a button. Perfect for morning rides to work, and for keeping you safe.

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