Electric bike reviews

Vanpowers City Vanture
18 de September, 2023
The VanPowers City Vanture is a hip, single-speed city bike that looks great, rides nicely...
Alba Fold X Review: A comfortable, practical, short-range commuter
18 de September, 2023
The Fold X is a value-for-money foldable e-bike with a step-through design that makes it...
The 9 best electric mountain bikes from all our reviews
18 de September, 2023
These are the electric mountain bikes we've reviewed and given 4 or 5 stars to out...
Tenways CGO600 Pro review: "if you favour simplicity, it's hard to imagine much better"
11 de September, 2023
Overall rating:  We love e-bikes - even the really intimidating-looking ones. But there’s something to...
Best electric bikes
06 de September, 2023
From the hundreds of ebikes and escooters our testers have ridden, these are the best electric...
Best folded electric bikes
06 de September, 2023
These are all the folding ebikes we've reviewed and given 4 or 5 stars to...
Our reviewer Josh Lyons with the ADO Beast
22 de June, 2023
Overall rating:  One of the latest bikes that Ado has to offer is their new...
Honbike Uni4 Review: A 5 star e-bike for the city
21 de June, 2023
The Honbike Uni4 is sleek and sophisticated, yet simple. It gives you everything you need in a city commuter bike, nothing less, nothing more. With its belt drive and absorbing tyres, it's one of the smoothest e-bikes we've ever ridden.
Watch: The problem with cheap e-bikes – £500 vs £1500
14 de June, 2023
What's the real difference between a super cheap electric bike versus and mid-range, full-size model?...
Watch: Honbike U4 and Vanmoof S5 comparison
02 de June, 2023
Vanmoof Vanmoof Vanmoof, we get it! When it comes to electric bikes the Dutch brand...
Watch: The Electric bike that changed EVERYTHING
11 de May, 2023
It's hard to even imagine that we'd be at this point just under a year...
Synch Long Tail Monkey review – “A ride so good you can take a friend”
09 de March, 2023
Overall rating: The Synch Long Tail Monkey is a two-seater cruiser electric bike built with...