About us

What is Electroheads?

We are on a mission to encourage the adoption of electric vehicles around the world.

We do this by making it easy for you to navigate the exciting new world of electric mobility, and to guide you on your journey to choosing the right electric bike or scooter.

Our team has tested hundreds of e-bikes and e-scooters in the past five years, only the best make it onto our online store, where you can purchase them directly from us if you are in the USA, EU or UK.

If you're not sure where to start, then check out our YouTube channel, or read one of our handy buying guides.

Why should I buy from Electroheads?

When you buy from us, you're buying from an independent company that puts its customers first.

We are passionate experts on electric bikes and scooters, and we believe that these products can improve your life and can help to make the world a better place.

Our rule is simple - if a product doesn't meet our standards, we don't sell it on our website.

We test every bike or scooter in four different categories:

  • Components and build quality
  • Safety and security
  • Performance and handling
  • Comfort and practicality

Products need to pass checks in each of these categories to be sold by Electroheads.

Browse our FAQs below:

We have a showroom in Weston Street, London, which is also our head office. 

This is where companies will send us electric bikes and scooters for testing, and the ones we like the most get added to our online shop.

During the Spring and Summer, we open up our showroom as a place people can come and test ride bikes and scooters before buying them, but this is by appointment only. 

Our aim is to have the widest online range of bikes and scooters, and to make it easy for you to navigate the world of electric vehicles by helping you decide which bike or scooter is best for you. 

Our YouTube channel, our written electric bike buying guides, and our website are all designed to help you with this process, even if you have no prior knowledge of electric bikes or scooters.

For our most popular products, we hold our own stock and fulfill these directly to you. Other products in our rangewill be shipped to you directly by the manufacturer, which is part of the reason we are able to offer the wide range of products we do. In these instances, your customer service relationship is still with us, and it is our responsibility to ensure that the product gets to you in a timely manner, and that the product is in full working order.

We only work with manufacturers who pass our internal testing process for quality control. We hold all our manufacturers and products to an incredibly high standard and as one of the biggest retailers of electric vehicles, our manufacturers do their utmost to provide our customers with excellent products.

In rare cases, sometimes a product can develop a fault. Please contact us immediately, and one of our mechanics will be able to assess the issue. In some instances issues can be resolved with the support of our mechanic, but there are other situations where the product will need to be returned to the manufacturer for a parts replacement, or may need to be replaced, which we will arrange.

In short - yes. We are aware that with the occasional news story about a battery fire, some people will have concerns about the safety of electric scooters and bikes. But all of our products are CE certified, and we only work with manufacturers who have an excellent track record and reputation for safety.

Occurrences of battery fires are very, very rare, and are usually the result of somebody using an improper charger for a product (i.e. using a charger with a voltage higher than that of the battery, which can overload the battery). Furthermore, these products are often “ebike conversions” - bikes that started life as non-electric bikes, that have been fitted with an aftermarket ebike conversion kit, usually imported from overseas and not meeting UK or EU safety regulations.

Our advice is to check the IP rating of a product before you buy it (this is the water proofing rating, and is listed on all of the products we sell), and to only use your product in the weather conditions for which it is designed, and to only use the charger that is supplied with the product (in a case in which you lose a charger, contact us, and we will help you buy a safe replacement charger).

If you wish to return an item, you can contact us at Hello@Electroheads.com

You can find out more about returns and refunds by reading our Refund Policy.

If your product develops a fault within the first 30 days after purchase, then you are fully covered by your statutory consumer rights. Please contact us at Hello@Electroheads.com and we will help to diagnose the problem and fix it for you. If the problem cannot be fixed then you can return your product for a full refund.

If your product develops a fault after the first 30 days, then this is outside of the 30 day period covered by your statutory rights of the 2015 Consumer Rights Act.

The fault may be covered by the manufacturer warranty. All of our products are covered under a manufacturer warranty - you can find the details of these on the product page for each of our products. It is down to you to contact the manufacturer to diagnose the problem if you cannot do so yourself. If you have issues making contact with the manufacturer please contact us and we will put you in touch.

If the fault is not covered by the manufacturer warranty (for example burst tyres, break pad wear, broken spokes or general wear & tear) then you can take your bike to any bike repair shop as you would a non-electric bike.

Our mission is to help you navigate the world of electric vehicles, and to help you decide which product is right for you.

We have a YouTube channel with reviews and guides.

We also have a number of written electric bike and scooter guides and reviews on our website.

Browsing through these will help you work out if a product will suit your needs. If you are still feeling lost, then you can always email us - Hello@Electroheads.com to ask for our team’s advice.

Yes, all of our products are covered by a manufacturer warranty. You can find details of a product’s warranty under the “Shipping and Warranty” section of the product page for that product.

You can also find further details of these policies in the Refund Policy section of our website. 

We use a number of different delivery partners depending on who can provide the fastest service at any given time, but our most commonly used couriers are FedEx and Parcel Force.

Yes! Even if the part isn’t listed on our website, please get in touch with us at Hello@Electroheads.com and we will help you source the replacement part you need.

Electroheads was co-founded by four friends with a passion for sustainability. Matthew Franey, James Moore, Dan Gregson and Richard Beech launched Electroheads in 2019, with Eilis Barrett joining the team shortly afterwards as the face of our YouTube channel.

Our mission has always been to promote the use of electric vehicles, whilst also helping people navigate this new world. You don’t have to be a cycling enthusiast or a tech nerd to be part of the Electroheads family, we are here to help everybody and to help you make the right choice of bike or scooter, and to provide you with an excellent experience.

In June 2023 we secured investment from a number of private investors to help us grow our business and expand into Europe and the United States, but the company is still majority owned by our four co-founders.