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Estarli e20 folding electric bike review: I love this bike

November 13, 2023Tim Fullbrook

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Review By Eilis Barrett


The Estarli e20 is a PERFECT entry-level folding ebike. It’s just over £1,000 but has a lot to offer for the price bracket it’s in. I’ve been talking to Estarli and they’re a bunch of great people with a mission to make e-rides accessible to people on a smaller budget. And after test riding this bike for a few weeks, I think they’ve delivered. This is one of our recommended best folding electric bikes

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Good for

  • Commuters
  • First time ebike buyers
  • Leisure off road riders



  • 31mph range from slightly small battery
  • Not the most compact folded 

Expert verdict

Estarli E20 bike in the Electroheads studio

Cheap(ish), foldable, light and comfy. It’s got the power, it’s got the gears, and it’s got larger tyres for better handling and more comfortable riding.

Get an e-bike like this and not only will you ride more, but you’ll ride further. You’ll find ways to integrate this into your life as it’s so much fun to ride and also so usable - it’s easy to take anywhere. I think the e20 is going to make quite a stir. (See all our commuter ebikes).

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
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Frame High strength 6061 aluminium
Motor 250w / 40nm rear hub
Range 31 miles / 50km (unlimited without power assist)
Removable battery 259wh Samsung/Panasonic 7.2ah 36v, hidden in seatpost
Power assists 5 levels
Speed 15.5mph
Gears Shimano 7 speed
Wheels 20” hybrid tyres
Max load 110kg
Rider height 5’0 to 6’5
Brakes Front and rear cable disc
Weight 17.5kg
Charging time 3-5 hours
Price From £1,145

The Estarli e20 in detail


Estarli has kept accessibility at the heart of their design. The frame is made from high strength aluminium so’s both sturdy and rust resistant - with a one size fits all frame catering to a large array of rider heights (five foot to six foot five). The maximum rider weight is 110kg - which is pretty decent for a folder.

If you look at the bike, it’s pretty hard to spot the battery. It’s just not obvious that it’s an ebike as the battery has been cleverly hidden inside the seatpost. You can easily remove it to charge the battery.

Reviewer with Estarli E20 battery


Overall the motor feels punchy and responsive. 

The seatpost battery does mean a bit of a compromise on battery life though - the 7.2ah 36v battery offers around 31 miles. The motor is in line with British regulations - 250w with a max output of 40nm of torque.


It’s smart and simple. I rode the PRO - for £50 you get a rear rack and mudguards. I didn’t think the mudgards looked too bad - they can often ruin the look but blends in really nicely on this bike.

It comes in a variety of distinct colours. The blue model I rode is very blue. You can also get orange, grey and metallic pink (my favourite).

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Estarli e20 folding lock

On my very first fold, bringing the handlebar stem down was easy. I liked the latches to control the fold, and stop it coming loose when riding. And the pedals fold as well - so it folds well although it's not as compact as some. Folding dimensions: 45cm x 66cm x 84cm

However, I didn’t think the magnet holding it folded was the strongest so I recommend wheeling it on back wheel only in folder state.

A key thing for a foldable bike is weight. At 17.5kg, it’s not light weight, but it’s not heavy either. I could pick it up pretty easily.


Estarli e20 upright

I’m a big fan of the rider position - I had a lovely straight back and there was no weight on your hands so you can indicate easily.

It’s very manouverable, I feel you really lean into it and it response beautifully. The stem is right over the wheel so the weight distribution lets you flick it around, with turns quick and comfy.

The wheels are 20 inch not the 16 you normally get on folders - and they stop the bike twitching about. The tyres soak up bumps on the road, which I wasn’t expecting looking at the frame, especially as there’s no suspension. The tyre grip made me feel confident on the wet. I found the disc brakes to be very responsive.


Estarli e20  rear motor

You get 7 gears to aid you on all kinds of gradients and terrain plus cable disc brakes. You can tackle hills, have a bit more contact with the motor going down hill so you don’t fee the pedals are running awy from you. These gears plus 5 levels of assist really open up what terrain you can tackle.

And you’ll never be caught out riding back in the dark as the e20 comes equipped with integrated front lights. The rear red light, though, is run off a separate battery.


Estarli e20 off road

Estarli build their bikes right here in the UK. with warranty lasting for 2 years, which covers parts AND labour if it’s returned to one of Estarli’s depots. For us Brits that’s much better than having to ship it abroad like other cheaper e-rides can require. And what’s really encouraging is how positive the feedback and reviews have been on trustpilot.

As well as the £1,145 e20, Estarli also offer an e16 (£1,095 with smaller 16-inch wheels) and the e28, a hybrid at £1,550.

Best electric bikes for women

Eilis Barrett's verdict for women riders: "The e20 is one of the bikes we recommend for women riders. Bikes aren't gender specific but weight is a factor women often mention to us and one I notice.

"The estarli e20 is by no means cumbersome, particularly with the in-built handle in the centre of the frame which not only makes it easy to pick up, but also distributes the weight nicely.

"At 17.5kg it's heavier than a pedal bike but I found neither the size, nor the weight too much of a problem when carry it up stairs or making use of its versatility to fold it down for a train journey or easy storage in the pub(!).

"Good news for the less tall - the e20 caters for anyone from five-foot upwards."

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