Best folded electric bikes

The best 4 folding electric bikes from all our reviews

Dec 08, 2022Eilis Barrett

These are all the folding ebikes we've reviewed and given 4 or 5 stars to from the dozens we've ridden.

Fold testing

Each has been assessed for:

  • build quality;
  • safety and security;
  • handling and performance;
  • comfort and practicality.

And remember that just because a bike is foldable, doesn't mean it's easy to carry or take on trains - many bikes are foldable for storage reasons.

Jump to a specific one of our four favourites (from best to almost-as-good):

Five-star folding bikes

  1. Estarli e20, £1,295: best entry-level for commuters
  2. MATE X, £2,950: so comfortable on and off road
  3. MATE City, £1,599: great all rounder

Four-star folding bikes

  1. Fiido L3, under £1,000: absolutely incredible range
Off road testing of a foldable bike
Estarli folded in our test room

Estarli e20, £1,295: "I love this bike"

See the full review of the estarli e20 plus all the ratings and spec info.  

The Estarli e20 is a perfect entry-level folding ebike. It’s just over £1,000 but we think it has a lot to offer for the price bracket it’s in. We found it light and comfy to ride. The larger tyres than most folding bikes (20 inch rather than 16 inch) mean you get power, comfort and good handling. Not only that it looks great, with the battery cleverly hidden in the seat post. 

We found it wasn't the most compact bike when folded. And its other drawback is range - 31 miles from the slightly small battery (the price that had to paid for concealing it so well). But these are only minor quibbles - this a great, good value bike and is the one to beat in our tests. 

MATE X folded

MATE X, £2,950: "comfy in your arms as well as your bum"

See the full review of the MATE X plus all ratings and spec info.

MATE X is hands down the comfiest bike we've ever ridden. This thing glides over potholes and bumps like they aren't there. Fat wheels, padded handles, front and back suspension mean we've never had so much fun riding a bike.

Sure, it’s big and heavy. And it definitely folds for space not carrying - it's 30kg and you need to be strong to even lift it.

You get a distinctive, highly visible riding stance - when we were on it, we felt like we were on a bike SUV in terms of seeing and being seen. And we should also call out the nine levels of electric assistance and eight-speed gearbox. You get a lot of control from this bike. 

MATE City, £1,599: "a nimble bargain"

See the full review of the MATE City plus all ratings and spec info.

The MATE City offers style, comfort AND functionality at a reasonable price. It's a very nippy mover that we found easy to ride in the city with its many obstacles and overtaking cars. And we got close to the 50-mile range even with some hills.  

The main compromise is that it’s a maybe little bulky at 20kg and not the most compact when folded. The weight, though, is partly due to the full suspension front and rear - which means we enjoyed riding this and found it comfortable on and off-road - so it's good for commuting and weekend leisure. 

Fiido L3 folded

Fiido L3, under £1,000: "changed my commute for the better"

See the full review of the Fiido L3 plus all ratings and spec info.

Under £1,000 and with a range of over 100 miles - this is an incredible bike for the price. We found it to be an incredibly comfy ride thanks to the cushioned bar-stool-like seat and suspension.

There are a couple of compromises. The wheels are 14-inch, which is quite small although we found the ride on this to be pretty stable. We didn't think initial acceleration was the best due to its cadence sensor. And it only has a single gear for manual cycling which can therefore be quite hard work. But at this price, it's a bargain and you can just keep going and going thanks to the amazing range. Expect to see a lot of delivery riders on this. 

How we test

Our expert testers ride all the bikes we get in to review, and we assess them against a range of criteria on road, off-road and in our testing rooms. For instance, after practicing the fold of each bike we time how long it takes to do. We wheel the bike along to see how well this works - a lot of bikes fold for storage reasons, not for compact transport. And we point out if there is any sort of latch to keep the bike folded - and also check where the chain ends up (as it can get your clothes dirty if it's on the outside of the fold).

The two MATE bikes before our on-road testingRiding on-road for testing of comfort and ride quality

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