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Estarli E28 review - packs a five-star punch

November 13, 2023Eilis Barrett

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Review by Eilis Barrett


Estarli is a British bike brand and its e28 has a lean frame that packs a punch. It’s the bigger-wheeled hybrid model compared to Estarli’s two folding models the e20 and e16 (the number is obviously the wheel size in inches.)

Estarli e28 in motion

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  • Battery not removable
  • Only one frame size
  • Mechanical disc brakes

Expert verdict

Estarli e28 frame

This is a beautifully designed e-bike in a slender, classic road-bike style frame. The team at Estarli have made a very capable, very sleek and smart looking e-ride.

The brand is founded by two bike-fanatic brothers and everyone who works there is a bike nerd - and I think it shows. There’s a lot of passion that’s gone behind this. It passes the vibe check. And it packs a punch - when riding it, the five power levels helped me conquer all kinds of inclines and terrain, especially with the eight gears to adjust as needed. I also found the wider handlebars made for incredibly agile manoeuvring on turns.

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Frame High strength 6061 aluminium
Sizing M/L 5'6 to 6'4
Motor 250w / 40nm torque
Range 60-90km / 37-56 miles
Battery Samsung 10ah, 36v (375WH)
Gears Shimano Altus 8 speed
Brakes Shimano tektro 180mm disc brakes
Wheel size 28 inch
Weight 16.5kg
Max rider weight 110kg
Charging 3-4 hours


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The Estarli E28 in detail

Performance and handling

Estarli has nice long, straight and wide handlebars so I found easy to manoeuvre. That’s good for a slow road rider like me, as the wide bars give control. The Shimano chainset also works well.

It’s a great hill driving bike. On steep hills you have to add person power as it definitely assists rather than replaces pedalling but the assistance and the gears mean I made it up the steepest hills in the area without often having to step out of my saddle.

I also thought it cornered nicely due to how low to the ground you’re positioned. It felt more streamlined as a result.

One nice feature is the torque sensor system which works out how much assistance to give and this works well - it feels like a bionic extension. When you stop pedalling it carries on pushing for a few seconds - whether you like this is a matter of taste. I found it a bit tricky in stop/start traffic but amazing for a quick rest on hills.

Estarli e28 studio image

Comfort and practicality

This has excellent geometry for my 177cm height (5 foot 10 inches) so great to sit on. The front suspension plus the big twenty-eight inch wheels handled most of the potholes and irregular tarmacking the city threw at me. (See all ebikes with suspension.)

Front suspension of the estarli e28 lectric bike

Components and build quality

The Estarli e28’s frame is made from high strength 6061 aluminium to make it corrosion resistant and lightweight. In total this ebike weighs in at an impressive 16.5kg so not too heavy.

Women holding the Estarli e28 electric bike


Inside the sleek frame is a Samsung battery with a range claim between 37-56 miles, but thanks to the 8 gears you can technically ride this thing unlimited without any power assist.

estarli e28 gear selector

You can even spec up the tires to a schwalbe puncture resistant option. Disc brakes and integrated lights also come included. And the frame itself is marked as a M/L for riders 5’6-6’4 with a max weight of 110kg.

Choose from a selection of colours including bolt blue, night black and burnt burgundy. There’s a big tick for how well concealed the battery is. Frame encases it completely keeping it low key but that does mean the battery is not removable.

Safety and security

The Estarli has mechanical disc brakes and so doesn't stop as quickly as models I've ridden with hydraulic brakes. 

Value for money

There are two options - the £1,550 standard price and a £1,680 upgrade with mudguards and Schwalbe puncture protection. The smaller wheeled e20 is £1,295. There are cheaper bikes but the quality of the e28 shines through. If your budget can stretch this far, I think either is totally worth the money.

Riding as a woman

Eilis Barett’s verdict for female riders: “None of the bikes on our store are specific for men or women, however as a female rider, there are particular features that I look for which resonate with other women.

Women holding the estarli e28 electric bike

“Weight is a big dealbreaker, particularly because I live three floors up without a lift in my building. The Estarli e28 only weighs 16.5kg so, if you’re like me and need to hike up a few climbs of stairs with your bike in tow, the Estarli e28 makes that possible.

"In terms of height, the e28 has a 20 inch/54cm frame suitable for adults 5'6-6'4 in height. If that doesn't fit, there is also a trapeze version with a lower cross frame.

“Overall, the Estarli e28 is a lightweight electric road bike, with gearing so it doesn’t feel cumbersome to ride. It's still one of my absolute favourites to date.”

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