Eilis reviewing the NewGen 345 electric bike

Newgen 345 review - British style AND comfort

November 10, 2022Eilis Barrett

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Review by Eilis Barrett

NewGen is a British newcomer with its gorgeous 345 electric bike and a beautiful cruiser vibe. It has three models ranging in power and price.

Eilis riding the NewGen 345 Classic

Good for

  • Road cycling
  • Leisure riding
  • Off road (S model)



  • S model not legal on UK roads
  • Might need to adjust your riding style

Expert verdict

I love riding the 345 and its looks are a head turner. It’s got a cafe-racer cruiser vibe with a lovely relaxed upright riding position thanks to the frame’s geometry.

I found it really comfy to ride once I’d adjusted to the seat, especially as the standard and S versions have great suspension.

NewGen 345 display

And touches like the lights and the cargo shelf show great attention to usability as well as design. It comes in three models. The starter 345-E is £1,690 with a 20 mile range. The standard commuter 345 is £2,490 with a 50-mile range. And the off-road 345-S, £2,850 with a 40-mile range.

Bear in mind that the power and speed of the 345 S mean it's not legal on UK roads (and nor's the throttle).  


345-E 345 345-S
Motor 250w 250w 750w
Battery 36V 36V 48V
Charge time 5 hours 5 hours 5 hours
Range 15-20 miles 40-50 miles 30-40 miles
Top speed 15.5mph 15.5mph 23mph
Road legal Yes Yes No
Power levels 5 levels 5 levels 5 levels
Weight 32kg 32kg 32kg
Max load 120kg 120kg 120kg
Brakes Tektro Mechanical Magura MT Trail Magura MT Trail
Tires Road Road Off-road
Suspension Rigid Coil + lockout Coil + lockout
Gears Single speed Shimano 8-speed Shimano 8-speed
Integrated lights Rear Front + rear Front + rear
Cargo Utility deck Maple cargo deck Maple cargo deck
Mud guards Sold separately Sold separately Included
Throttle Sold separately Sold separately Included

NewGen 345 in detail


The 345 gives you a great command on the road, thanks to its acceleration, coil-suspension (not E model) ride plus the chunky 20x4-inch Kenda tyres.

Ride position of the NewGen

The positioning of the ride is pretty upright - at first I had to sit a lot further back than usual so that I wasn’t too cramped. But when you sit like this, in a kind of cruiser positioning, it's actually a little bit difficult to pedal just because the seat is quite wide. I soon got used to it. NewGen recommend you sit forward and, in any case, once you go up to level four or five assistance, you barely need to pedal anyway.

The suspension is really incredible, another sign of the commitment to a quality ride. I’m not sure I’ve ridden a comfier model.


I’ve mentioned the comfort and that quality feel extends throughout. The hydraulic brakes maybe are to be expected at these price points (although there are plenty of models without) but really gave me confidence at top speed. And these are Magura brakes, the top-of-the-line type you get on a mountain bike.

NewGen 345 side view

The cargo space in the middle of the bike is a very clever design, really utilizing that gap. It looks good too - the wood just pops with the matt black frame.

Another handy little feature is a USB port in the (removable) battery so I could plug in my phone while on the move. It has stunning lights front and rear but no mud guards unless you pay extra (they come included on the S model) so I had to make sure I was wearing something I didn't mind getting mucky when it had been raining.

NewGen 345 S lights


You can adjust the configuration of the 345 models, choosing brakes, battery etc.

The S model lets you add on air suspension (£240) or upgrade the leather seat (£290). With the E model, you can upgrade from rigid to coil suspension for £120, from single to eight gears for £220.

Currently, due to limited component availability all 345s are be shipped with Shimano 8 Speed Gears and Magura Hydraulic MT Trail Brakes.

Reviewer standing behind the Newgen 345 electric bike