Tenways CGO600 Pro review: "if you favour simplicity, it's hard to imagine much better"

Tenways CGO600 Pro review: "if you favour simplicity, it's hard to imagine much better"

September 11, 2023Richard Beech

Overall rating: 

We love e-bikes - even the really intimidating-looking ones. But there’s something to be said for elegance and minimalism, both qualities the Tenways CGO600 Pro is packing in spades.

If you’ve been following Electroheads for a while then you’ll know that the Dutch brand already won our hearts with the equally fuss-free CGO600, and the latest Tenways we've ridden, the CGO600 Pro, is just as much of a hit.

Smooth, lightweight, effortlessly attractive and as easy to ride as anything on two wheels, the CGO600 Pro is a bike that all urban commuters should know about. (Review by Matt Tate). 

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The CGO600 Pro is good for:

  • Commuters looking for low-maintenance model
  • Style-lovers
  • New ebike riders


  • Gorgeous to look at
  • Effortlessly smooth and simple to ride
  • Very responsive


  • Single speed bikes aren’t for everyone
Test riding the Tenways CGO600 Pro

Expert verdict

Tenways is fast becoming one of our favourite e-bike brands, and the CGO600 Pro is its most desirable bike yet.

It’s impossibly smooth and easy to ride with a natural pedal response and an easy manoeuvrability. It's also very low maintenance once assembled. 

Other e-bikes offer more control through additional assist modes and gear systems, but if you favour simplicity, it’s hard to imagine much better.

Components + build quality
Safety + security
Performance + handling
Comfort + practicality
Overall rating

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Max speed 15.5mph
Max range 62 miles
Climbing ability Up to 10°
Battery 36V, 10Ah Lithium-ion Battery with LG Cells
Motor 250W
Net weight 16 kg / 35.2 lbs
Pedal Assist 3-stage PAS w/ torque sensor
Brake TEKTRO Hydraulic Disc Brakes
Wheels 700C Aluminium Rims
Tires CST Puncture-proof 700x 40C-size Tires
Frame 6061 Aluminium Frame
Front Fork 6061 Aluminium Front Fork
Drivetrain Single-speed Drivetrain
Belt Gates CDN Carbon Belt
Crankset Gates CDX Crankset
Colors Avocado Green (Matt) / Midnight Black (Matt) / Sky Blue (Matt) / Pebble Grey (Matt)
Headlight Integrated 20 Lux
Taillights Battery-powered, seatpost-mounted

Tenways CGO600 Pro in detail


The CGO600 Pro is a single speed e-bike with a 250W rear hub motor powered by a 36V battery. Top speed is 15.5mph (the UK legal limit) and you can expect a maximum range of around 62 miles, or 100km - although factor in a lot of hills and this is likely to come down a fair bit. So far, so standard. 

Riding it is a dream though. The magnetic torque sensor eliminates some of the lag often associated with the cadence-based alternative, meaning the motor kicks in pretty much as soon as you start pedalling.

We found this makes riding the CGO600 Pro remarkably smooth, especially on the highest of the three available assist settings. There’s none of the jerkiness you get on some e-bikes, as the motor is responding to how you’re pedalling and judging its output accordingly.

We quickly settled on level-three assist, because on the lowest, the bike feels pretty stiff when you’re getting going, even if it does only weigh in at 16kg. On the third setting you get a real push from the off, which is ideal for traffic lights (or on those mornings when you’ve overslept and have to be in the office for 9am).

Tenways CGO600 Pro battery charging port

Another thing we noticed is how quiet the CGO600 Pro is. Coupled with the fact that the removable battery is concealed in the downtube, there’s very little to give away that you’re riding an electric bike at all.

Carbon belt drive

The bike employs a carbon belt drive as opposed to a more traditional chain, which is a far more durable and low-maintenance solution to getting about. You won’t have to worry about lubricating it either.

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Comfort and handling

The CGO600 Pro’s streamlined sporty frame makes it a great e-bike for all commuters. It’s easy to hop on and off, and as we mentioned before, it’s noticeably light to carry around when needed, even if riding the bike itself feels a bit heavy when you push off from a stationary position.

The belt drive, meanwhile, is so efficient and happy to do its thing without your attention that you might struggle to go back to a chain.

It was a little but uncomfy over speed bumps, despite the wider tyres which gave great grip on the road. We found it easy to manoeuvre once you're moving.

Side view of the Tenways Pro, rider off bike

The handlebars and saddle are adjustable, to ensure you feel totally comfortable, which is good as we initially felt like it was a bit of a stretch from seat to bars. The latter are nice and grippy which we always appreciate.

There’s very little to complain about where handling is concerned. This is an accessible and beginner-friendly e-bike that serious cyclists will appreciate equally.


The CGO600 Pro employs hydraulic disc brakes which feel responsive, not too spongy, and don’t creak when applied.

Small brake handles

If we have an issue it’s that the brake levers themselves are on the smaller side, but unless you have especially enormous hands this shouldn't be a major issue.


We’ve somehow come this far without mentioning the glorious Avocado Green that our test model is painted in. There are four colourways available, but given the choice we’re taking the green all day long; with the bike’s matte finish it just looks superb on the road.

It’s also worth mentioning the teeny OLED display on the handlebars, which shows you battery, range, total distance and your chosen assist level. What’s great about it, though, is that it’s password-protected, so until you plug in your four-digit code none of the assist features will become accessible. For security reasons, this is great, even if it’s slightly annoying having to enter the password each time you start the bike.

The integrated front light is nice and bright and you should have no issues making yourself known to drivers at night.

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