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8Tev B12 Classic, Roam and Proxi review: "rides beautifully" - electroheads

November 09, 2022Eilis Barrett

Overall rating:

Review by Eilis Barrett

8Tev’s B12 model rides beautifully, looks amazing and has a responsiveness that most other scooters can’t match. It comes in three flavours - the heavier Roam with the longest range, the lighter Proxi with a lower range and the in-between Classic.

Good for

  • Tarmac
  • Heavier users
  • Off-road use


  • Fluid ride
  • Design and build quality
  • Three weight and range options


(All minor)

  • No suspension
  • Motor noise
  • Lag on throttle

Expert verdict

I found this to be such a great ride. After safety, this is the key thing about a scooter - what it feels like when you’re actually scooting and 8Tev have totally cracked this.

Eilie our B12 reviewer

This is matched by the attention that’s gone into the build and design of the B12.

It’s no surprise to me that 8Tev are an Israeli company as scooting on road is legal there and booming. And the three options (Classic, Roam, Proxi) mean there’s something for everyone in terms of range and price.  


Specs for all three models:

Top speed 21.7 mph/ 34.9 kph
Charge time 6 hours
Speed modes 3
Water resistance rating IPX6 (can resist high pressure, heavy sprays of water)
Motor Aikema SW 100 250W peak 700 - 500 W (Avg)
Tyre size 12 inch
Tyre pressure 40 psi
Size (unfolded) 1150 x 230 x 1200 mm
Size (folded) 1150 x 230 x 565 mm
Maximum load 120kg
Light type LED
Bell/horn Yes
Colours Silver, red, black

Specs by model:

B12 Proxi B12 Roam B12 Classic
Price  £1,299 £1,599   £1,499
Range 13.6 miles / 22km 26 miles / 42km 19.8 miles / 31km
Weight 16kg 18kg 17kg
Brakes Mechanical Tektro hydraulic brakes Tektro hydraulic brakes
Battery 48V/ 7.6Ah 48V/ 13Ah 48V/ 9.7Ah

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8Tev B12 in detail

Ride quality

I’ve already said it’s a great ride, which is helped by both its wheels and deck.

Normally I’d say suspension is key on scooters, for safety as much as comfort, although it does make scooters much heavier. This doesn’t have any - however, the plyboard cleverly act as a lightweight impact sponge. I can't believe I'm saying suspension isn't needed with a scooter but it really isn't, even though I could feel some bumps through the stem when travelling on grass.

Reviewing the B12 off road

The ride is helped by the 12-inch wheels, which are larger than most usual commuter scooters. The profile is high and I found it soaked up all those little bumps that you get on tarmac.

The platform on this is much bigger than a lot of the usual scooters on the market and that means that you can just spread your feet out, disperse your weight a little bit more and it means that I can actually ride this a bit more like I would a skateboard.

It's like half skateboard half scooter which means I could point my front foot forward to see where I’m going and even with my shoulders straight ahead, my back foot helped me turn left and right a lot more easily.

B12 platform

If something should jump out at me, I was able to actually distribute my weight and deal with taking a sharp corner or stopping. The steering geometry makes for an experience like no other. The frame felt hyper mobile with added joints to allow you to lean into its turn.

One slight issue I noticed was the throttle, which has a slightly frustrating lag before the motor engages. It doesn’t cause lurching or anything serious, just a little bit of frustration.


I love the maple seven-ply wooden deck, which really pops and I haven't really seen anything like it before. Its width and the 12-inch wheels mean the B12 can cater to any size rider, with a maximum weight of 120kg. The frame itself is made from a lightweight aircraft-grade steel.

Rear side view of B12 deck

The brakes differ my model - the Proxi has mechanical brakes but the longer-range, heavier Classic and Roam have Tektro hydraulic brakes.

Speed and range

The B12 has a 250 watt motor and I found it to be really punchy, which is key to feeling safe when scooters are legalised on UK roads. There are three power modes (30%, 60% and 100%). And if you need to get out of danger quickly, there's a good kick - particularly when I was in the top mode, which has a decent top speed. The motor is quite noisy but I actually wouldn't say that's a bad thing because you kind of want people to hear you a little bit.

The B12 comes in three models with different ranges off one charge. The Proxi has around 14 miles, the classic is around 20 miles and the big boy Roam can take you 26 miles. Each weighs one kilogram more as you spec up.

8Tev B12 vs B10 v C12

The B10 range is the 10-inch-wheeled version of the B12. It also comes in three models:

  • B10 Proxi: £1,199, range 13.6miles, weight 16kg
  • B10 Roam: £1,499, range 26 miles, weight 18kg
  • B10 Classic: (Out of stock), range 19.8 miles, weight 17kg

The C12, £2,199, is a 12-inch three-wheeled scooter with a range of 26 miles. You can read our C12 review here