Aprilia ESR2 Evo Review: An e-scooter with superior build quality

Aprilia ESR2 Evo Review: An e-scooter with superior build quality

June 21, 2023Richard Beech

The ESR2 Evo from Aprilia is a stable, sturdy scooter that clearly has high build quality, which you can feel when riding. Thanks to the front and rear suspension, the scooter feels grounded. The rear suspension in particular, is excellent at removing the kickback at the rear of the scooter when riding over uneven ground. 

The Evo utilises a 500W brushless motor, with a massive nearly 700wh battery, and regenerative braking! This allows the Evo to travel up to 50 km (31 miles) per charge, a number that not many other scooters in its price range can reach. However, this does mean the scooter is slightly heavier at 18.5kg.

Review by Josh Lyons 

Good for:

  • Long distance travel 
  • Comfortable journey over rougher terrain
  • High-build quality and reliable
  • Night time rides with front, rear and bottom lights


  • 50km range 
  • Regenerative battery 
  • Fantastic front and rear suspension
  • Huge 10” tyres 
  • Great platform to stand on with a wheel cover.  
  • Folding 


  • Electronic brakes are not everyone's taste

Aprilia ESR2 EVO


The Evo performs, and it performs well. It can go the distance with a powerful 500w brushless motor and 691Wh battery. I tried all 3 modes, and there was not a noticeable difference between modes 2 and 3 in terms of acceleration. The only difference is speed, with mode 2 being restricted to 12mph and 3 going all the way to 15.5mph. 

In mode 3, the motor is more than powerful enough, and you really feel it when you accelerate, with it quickly getting up to top speed; despite myself being over 90kg in weight and therefore close to the 100kg limit, the scooter did not feel slow. Never did it feel uncomfortably fast either, I always felt in control. 

I could see a range of riders using this e-scooter, from novice to more experienced. The added comfort of the suspension really gives you a sense of security on the scooter, especially when going high speeds over bumps in the road.

Aprilia ESR2 EVO

Comfort and Handling 

The Evo is just so comfortable to ride. When I was testing the e-scooter in and around the Electroheads HQ, where much of the road is made up of old Victorian cobbles, it performed really well on this rough terrain. The suspension and the large soft 10-inch tyres do an amazing job at taking the bumps out of the road. 

In terms of handling, the high build quality and extra weight of the huge battery do not take away from how agile this scooter is. I am a relative novice to e-scooters, being more of an e-bike expert, however, I could still comfortably corner at high speeds. This is likely due to the tyres' grip and the scooter's low centre of gravity due to the battery being mounted beneath your feet. 

The handlebars and grips are comfortable, with very easy-to-reach brakes and accelerator. I liked how the display was inbuilt and minimalist, I have always preferred to avoid too much going on around the handlebars. The grips were comfortable and easy to hold on to. 


Of course, it is fun and handy to have a speedy scooter, but with this power, it is important to have the ability to stop quickly. 

The EVO uses a drum and electronic brakes that add range by using a kinetic energy recovery system, but this takes some getting used to v.s. mechanical brakes like the ones you'd find on a standard bicycle. When trying to come to a complete stop from top speeds, it just does not happen as quickly as I would like it to. 

In all honestly, they are not terrible, but not brilliant either. 


The Evo comes with built-in mudguards, both front and back. With an IPX4 rating, you should be ok with splashes from puddles to the scooter or using it in the rain. One feature I particularly like about the Evo is that as well as the front and rear lights, you also get a bottom light beneath your feet. This is great as it really helps other people see where you are. You can also turn off and on the lights through the screen. The charging time of the scooter is 7 hours. 


The Last Word

In conclusion, the Aprilia ESR2 Evo is a fantastic scooter regarding range and handling, with the only downside being the underwhelming brakes. With a price of £649, you get a seriously good-looking and comfortable scooter with much more suspension than its rivals.